Monday, July 30, 2007

What another cult among friends?

It is a well known fact that the greyhound group can be considered a cult by Webster's terms..we are ok with that. Most of you don't know that Jason and I are in the Subaru clan too. It is also very cult-like and tends to have very loyal followers. And just as we try to get people to consider greyhounds when adopting, we push Subaru's when people are buying. Sometimes it works..;-)
The depth of our subaru link goes back many years when Jason and I used to be very active on the autocross circuit. I had my sedan then (went up to the wagon for the dogs..) but if you don't know the Subaru WRX (my red sedan and my current gray wagon) is turbo charged with 230+ hp. I have a very fast grocery getter. Jason owns the STi which is a 300hp base turbo charged rally car. It has been modified at this point to have more than 350 (you had no idea I was a gearhead..did you?) Here are two pictures of us during our racing days.

Now the point to this blather is that we had a small hand in helping Kristen and Gyeong purchase their new Subaru Outback! You can see more pics on his blog.

And if you haven't figured it out car is the reason my license plate and blog is plural in the fast greyz. ;-)
So after we oohed and ahhed over the new car we spent some quality time with the massive herd of dogs I had in my backyard.

My neighbor's kids were peaking over the fence so we let them come over and play with the dogs. DJ (the littlest) really liked Beth.

Oh and Beth..really liked the pool.

Stanley and Beth enjoy a little "newbie" time running with Taz.

Before everyone got there, Dana was catching some Z's. I couldn't resist b/c I didn't put the pillow there..she managed to get it over and use it quite deftly.

Beth is finally feeling better and playing constantly. I will work on getting some photos of her running around like crazy.


genji said...

As Meatloaf sings, 'Two outa three ain't bad'. Gotta get the Big Green Egg to complete the trifecta.

Amanda said...

are you planning on start autocross again? we'd be game for coming out to watch sometime! we are all into doing (and eating) new stuff lately, so just let us know. sadly, no suberu or green eff for us. ;-)

IHateToast said...

re: the cars


but the photos of your neighbours running were too cute.
patting in the pool?!? how sweet is that?

Unknown said...

Love seeing the greys running with your neighbor kids! And I love the pool shot. Dexter will only stand in the wading pool :)