Saturday, February 18, 2017


It's been a month since my little world was rocked.  My pack has healed and Cora is doing SOO well with her new family. She had to have another surgery to repair her neck but she turned the corner. As of Wednesday, she was suture free for the first time in a month.  Her leg wound is now the size of a dime and should be gone completely soon.  Her new mom and I keep in touch and I will continue to support her however I can.
It took a while for  me to regain trust and it took a while for my pack to regain trust in each other.  But this seems they've moved on. So this is me trying to as well.
I had a hard 'no other dogs rule' for a few weeks. But this weekend, we are watching Pax..a super submissive one year old who brings a good energy (though....a LOT of energy)
She loves to find sticks.
 And Roxi..loves to find bigger and better sticks.
I love watching them mischievous.
 I still keep the greyhounds muzzled.  Pax and Roxi had the lead...but not for long.
 Lizzie has found ways to play "bitey face" with the muzzle.  She doesn't like it and gives me side eye a lot but she's fine. 
 All in all, the scars remain and some hair needs to grow back but we are getting there.  The weather is great here.  So we will enjoy it.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Lessons and hard decisions

I thought about not sharing this...but maybe it'll help someone.  It took me 7 days to write and finish..

Last weekend I learned a valuable but embarrassing lesson. My pack has always played so well together. However, I've known that Cora can be "fun police" and loves to get in Lizzie's face. When Lizzie and roxi are rough house playing, I often am holding Cora with one hand while photographing with the other. But in my naive head, Lizzie was tolerant. Lizzie and Cora have fought twice before...minor scuffles that were more loud than anything. But both time Cora came away with a small cut that I could treat at home.
I've owned dogs all my life. I've owned multiple dogs in my house for 14 years and greyhounds for 11. I know how it all works. But I, admittedly, loved watching my dogs play and smiled thinking they were so happy together. I forgot that one important thing...they are dogs and they are a pack. And Lizzie.....could only take so much.

Last Friday..I came home from work like normal. They were excited and I let them out and went to get the groceries out of my car. I heard them playing and then I heard the play noises tune serious so I raced outside. I yelled and they stopped. Lizzie came to me and she had two punctures in her forehead and blood was coming out of her nose. I knew her nasal bone had been punctured. Cora had two minor lacerations on her shoulder. So I thought let's take them to the vet. So I took them inside. Cussing myself. I called Jason and walked down the hall to retrieve their leashes. They all followed as normal. But...apparently someone still held a grudge. In the hall a huge brawl broke out with Lizzie, Cora and roxi. It was serious and all aggression was funneled to Cora. I won't describe it...let's just say it was terrible and red zone dogs are ruthless. In that moment, they weren't Lizzie and roxi.
Once I finally got them apart and separated, the damage was significant.  I called a friend (thank you Gyeong) and in two cars with everyone separated and muzzled ...we went to the vet.
After four hours,  Cody had a small puncture likely sustained bc he was in the wrong place at the wrong time..two staples. Roxi..with her hound skin only sustained a gash on her ear (2 staples) and a cut on the tip that won't stop bleeding. Come of shame for two days and now I have a bandaid on it.
 Lizzie had a punctured nasal bone ( in two places) and pretty significant soft tissue damage to her shoulder. Luckily, the piece of bone between to the punctures was not dislodged. So this will heal. She 'breathed' through it for a few days which was weird. 
 cora..Cora sustained the brunt of the attack. It was obviously geared toward her.  Roxi and Lizzie didn't hurt each other at all..all of their injuries came from Cora.  Too many queens...
Cora received over 80 sutures to repair numerous huge lacerations on her neck and front legs.  I won't show the 'during' vet visit photos..they are too graphic.
 She went back a few days later for surgery on her neck and leg.  By Wednesday, she was less swollen and in much less pain.  Even sitting up and getting on the couch.
 The problem then became...Lizzie and Roxi were a tough duo who had her 'marked'.  Cora's 10 months of 'fun police' had finally caught up to her and Lizzie would have nothing to do with her.  If they were out together, lizzie would try to dominate and show aggression. Which is very unlike Lizzie.  and Cora was obviously distressed being around them. When I kept them separated, Lizzie, Cody and roxi were fine.  No problems.  So I came to realize Cora was in danger.  I would never be able to let them in the yard (even muzzled) without fear of a repeat.  My mental toughness had been tested and my pack was sending me  a clear message. 
Luckily, I knew of a family who had inquired about a brood mama.  I contacted them and once Cora was released from every 2 day vet visits and seemed to feel normal, I had them meet her.  Hardest decision ever but it was for her well being and her safety.  I had too many alpha females.  Cora went to her new family's house today.  They are smitten and I think they are wonderful. They aren't far away, have a very submissive and sweet male greyhound and three very nice children.  Cora seemed to be in her element.   It's been 8 days since the fight and 50% of her wounds are completely healed (sutures will come out tomorrow).  Her major neck wound is almost healed.  Her leg will take longer but I will continue to make 'house calls' to care for that wound.  She will be loved by many in her life. 
On the way to her new home, I got her 'guilt nuggets' and she seemed to enjoy those.
 It's still the first day so I know things can change..but I think this is a happy ending to a horrendous 8 days.
 The support I've received from the greyhound community has been amazing.  My other three are healing well.  Roxi is completely healed. Cody's wound is on its way to being healed.  Lizzie still looks frightening but she feels great and no longer breaths out her forehead.  Peace has been restored.  and my goal will be to keep my little family happy and healthy. I'll never know if they could have lived peacefully together again...but I do know Cora will not be hurt like this again.  And that is what is important.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snow day 1

 We are getting a lot of snow today.  It's still pouring so the photos aren't as clear as I'd like but you can see how much fun they are having..
 You will notice Lizzie will always be in front..
 At least they all play well together.
 We have about 7 inches at this point but I feel like we will get a lot more before all is said and done. 
 Miss Cora looking pretty
 This isn't a great photo but she's airborne.
 Licking a snowflake
 HOpefully, I will get some clearer photos tomorrow.  Stay warm!

Saturday, October 29, 2016


At the other house, I would spend many summer evenings 'stalking' the hummingbirds.  I never put up a regular bird feeder as I knew my dogs would just scare them away.  At this house, I have a big wooded front yard perfect for bird feeders.  And plenty of windows for stalking.
So now, I stalk year round.
I even had to get a bird identifying app on my phone so I could determine what I had visiting my feeder.
At first, the Cardinals only wanted the berries on the tree. But they eventually starting working on the seed.
 This is a Downy Woodpecker.  I think a to this bird identification thing.
 The Tufted Titmouse stalks me right back..
 But gets her seed and flies away.
 I thought the squirrels would be more of an issue. I have squirrel proof feeders and scatter seed for them on the ground. So far, I haven't had any issues.  But they may be biding their time..

Friday, October 21, 2016

Lizzie tries to catch

Sometimes..i catch a series that makes me laugh. This was one of them. The photos aren't all the best but it was worth including them all.
I toss Lizzie the toy
 She goes for it
 realizes she made a miscalculation..likely due to not taking Physics
 Realizes it is just not going to happen occurs to her that the going to touch her.
 Another miscalculation...physics
 turns on the gas
 it's a near miss
 And she's almost off frame before it touches the ground
She's a funny one.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Finally got out with my camera on a beautiful day to let the dogs play.
I post others later (no dogs were hurt in the filming of this sequence..though Roxi did make an audible "oof" when she hit the ground)
 we love the fall AND the new yard!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

GRTB bound

 We are headed to Greyhounds Reach The Beach in Dewey Beach, DE this weekend.  If any greyhound blogger friends will be there, you can find us in the vendor tent!!!  We will be 'working' this event so no dogs. 
With the new house, I have places for bird feeders away from the dogs so the birds have uninterupted feeding time.  the birds have finally found my little feeder and now they empty it quickly. So I will be buying bigger ones soon.
AND I will  hopefully be honing my bird photography skills.
And of course, the trick is always attracting these..
but not these...
My feeder is 'anti squirrel' and so far it's working.  But not to worry, there are plenty of seeds on the ground for the furry creatures.