Thursday, May 29, 2008

Finally..a picnic!

This past weekend we went to Cooper Winery for their SPCA event. The Park kids and Sallie and Roadie also came along for a picnic at the winery!
There were a lot of vendors
We set up chairs and blankets
And opened up our picnic 'baskets'..aka wine totes with plates and stuff!
And enjoyed some wine! knew this would happen..
Dana and Stella enjoy people watching..
Then we moved the party a few miles down the road to Grayhaven Winery for their Blues festival!
More wine and dogs in laps..
Then..the hounds were exhausted for a few days. We used the foster/boarder free time to revamp the stuffies and bone supply. The kids LOVE when we buy new bones!
New stuffies are on the UPS truck! woohoo!
So..Cali gets rev'ed up and goes for some serious Zoomies!!Dana joins in the funAnd..after a good zoomie..a good shake. Who says Greyhounds don't drool..
More festivals this weekend..I love this time of year!


Jabberwocky said...

Roadie and Sallie had a great time, and spent the rest of the day and part of the next fast asleep! (We had a great time too -- greyhounds and wineries just seem to go so well together!)

genji said...

The kids love going on picnics at wineries. I think it must be all the attention they get.
I knew it wouldn't take you long to start getting great action shots.

IHateToast said...

oh man. that is a great photo. drool, spittle, tongue. they're all flying.

those are great shots. i bet they almost made you forget that your man had a bitch on his lap right in front of you. ballsy.

pineland said...

greyhounds, wine and husbands with other women on their laps! I know Jasmine can't wiat for HER man to get home!....she's gonna butt check me over the side of the boat one of these days....

Danielle said...

Hiya dahling,
miss you! The dogs pics are adorable...