Saturday, February 18, 2017


It's been a month since my little world was rocked.  My pack has healed and Cora is doing SOO well with her new family. She had to have another surgery to repair her neck but she turned the corner. As of Wednesday, she was suture free for the first time in a month.  Her leg wound is now the size of a dime and should be gone completely soon.  Her new mom and I keep in touch and I will continue to support her however I can.
It took a while for  me to regain trust and it took a while for my pack to regain trust in each other.  But this seems they've moved on. So this is me trying to as well.
I had a hard 'no other dogs rule' for a few weeks. But this weekend, we are watching Pax..a super submissive one year old who brings a good energy (though....a LOT of energy)
She loves to find sticks.
 And Roxi..loves to find bigger and better sticks.
I love watching them mischievous.
 I still keep the greyhounds muzzled.  Pax and Roxi had the lead...but not for long.
 Lizzie has found ways to play "bitey face" with the muzzle.  She doesn't like it and gives me side eye a lot but she's fine. 
 All in all, the scars remain and some hair needs to grow back but we are getting there.  The weather is great here.  So we will enjoy it.

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Sue said...

Hi Trina, Thanks for stopping by my blog.

So glad things are improving and Cora is fine in her new home.

Hope you have a lovely weekend. Sue, Polly & Honey