Saturday, September 26, 2009

And then there were 5....

I struggled for a bit with how to write this post. Typically, i try not to air dirty laundry in this forum b/c who knows who will read it. But then I realized..if someone shows no respect to me or their dog..why should I have respect for them? This might come back to bite me, but for it deserve to know the story.
Henry..he came to us 8 weeks ago as a boarder. He was to stay with us for 3 weeks while she moved. He came with 3lbs of food (lasted about 1 week), ears full of ticks that were engorged, nails like Hawk's talons, filthy and without a leash or martingale. His owner called on day 1 to see how he was doing. That was the last time she called me. three weeks later..I called her to find out if she was picking him up. She needed more time. Two weeks later (no word from her), I call back. She needed more time.
2 weeks later..i call back again..this time she says she will come pick him up that evening but then says she needs to find him another home due to their new jobs, location, life.
I tell her she needs to sign a relinquishment form and if she would like to come to my house to sign it and say her goodbyes..she could. That was 1 1/2 weeks ago, I have not heard or seen her since. Needless to say, we have no form, no vet records and we won't even mention my boarding fees.
But..the silver lining is that we have adopted Henry (WR Red Eye). He is 10 years old and was in his previous home for 6 years. He is a very good boy, seems healthy and happier now. He has gained weight, is silky clean, nails are short, ears are clean.
i can't say how his last 6 years were..I can guess but it would only be that. but I can guarantee he will have a wonderful last few years.
So..the Stumpf geriactric clan increases...
We now have Shiloh, 12, Dante, 11, Henry, 10, Dana, almost 9, with Cali skewing the numbers at 6. it will be hard to have another senior..and might take an emotional toll. but we just felt we were what he needed.
There is something special about adopting a senior...
and I finally have my big goofy boy..and he is white with brindle spots. I have a soft spot for that color.So welcome him to our gang. I will get better photos of him in the future. It is cold and rainy today.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sand, Sun and fun..Beach Bound Hounds

Kristen and I loaded up the FX and headed to Myrtle Beach, SC for Beach Bound Hounds...400+ greyhounds on one was awesome. We had a great time! but you don't want to hear about want to see it..enjoy!
Dana's first view of the ocean from our balcony The first day was overcast and mild. So we all sat on the beach for about 7 hours..just soaking up the rays. we were joined by 10 other dogs (8 greyhounds, 1 afghan and a whippet + our 4 hounds)..just lounging.

Sand became and issue throughout the day...someone said "Hey..let's dig a hole!"

and lay in it!Or try..
Which led the humans to be a little naughty to Jaime...
She was like that for a it must not have been too bad!
With all that sand getting kicked started to get everywhere..

I felt sorry for Cali now and took her down to wash her face off in the ocean. I brought her back all clean and sand free..and laid down and did this..on purpose.

But don't worry..there were plenty of treats on hand. Michelle hands out some goodies

We even ran in to Seka and Roxy of Greytblackdog fame! thanks for hanging out and drinking on the balcony, Greytblackdog! My head didnt' thank you so much the next morning, though!

We gave them a quick nap and headed out to Barefoot Landing for a stroll and dinner.The were even restaurants who pre-planned for our arrival. We had 8 hounds and 4 people ..we enjoyed a wonderful meal with our hounds!

Dolly thinks this lighting suites her best.And then realizes her 'good looks' won't get her any food so she uses Diego's hiney for a pillow.
But Cali's persistance won out over knew someone would cave!
the next day..the weather is better for sunbathing than greyhounds. so we give them the day to recooperate. Then we head out in the afternoon for some fun in the surf! Cali wasn't sure about the moving water at first..but after watching Nerice and Dolly having so much fun.

She was chomping at the bit to enjoy the waves.

Nerice with Dolly and Diego
Kristen with Stanley and Jaime
Me with Cali and Danathe Park and Stumpf kids pose
After all this..we had some very tired dogs...

the last morning on the beach, we had a sunrise ceremony. The sight of 200 people and 400+ greyhounds in one place is quite awe inspiring. We check out the group from the balcony.. then walk down and join the group..We end our trip with a group roo..I feel sure they heard us way down the beach. Dana of course cut her paw (she can't go anywhere with hurting herself) although she was in attendance she was not in the mood for roo-ing.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

To Infiniti..and Beyond!

This new will surprise many of you...we are no longer a Subaru family. Nothing against subaru..we still love them and will probably always miss them. But every 3 years..I get an itch. I think it is genetic. I find myself being drawn to car lots and websites..turns schmerns. So..without further new baby..2007 Infiniti FX35
It is a beast. And..oddly only 1/2 second slower in 0-60 from my turbo car! VERY fast, sports suspension, 20 inch wheels, nav system, memory seats, lane departure, automatic cruise control, blue has it. and it drives like a sports car..only..don't get in my way. She is a wide one..
But what might surprise even more of this... are seeing correctly. Jason's car is not only for sale..but has sold! He decided he wanted some extra cash to play in the stock market with so he can buy his new Porsche. So he is looking for an older model convertible to tool around in while he plays with the cash. Trust jaw was on the floor when this plan was hatched as well.
So for the first time in 5 years, we don't own a Subaru. But the greyhounds won't mind. ;-)
We still have Henry..going on 7 weeks. Not exactly sure what is going on there, but just a reminder of how stinking cute he is..
But..not the brightest bulb.
The weather has cooled off and everyone is enjoying the yard.
We are watching Amy for the weekend..she enjoys the big yard too.
We had some visitors this fall..they started out small and just seemed to 'sit' on my parsley
When you poked at them..they did this..
They got bigger
And my parsley got smaller
I found out they are the larval form of the Black Swallowtail butterfly. So i patiently waited for them to form a cocoon so I could see them become beautiful butterflies. Repayment for my parsley, I say! But then one more I went to check on them..and there was nothing left but sticks. Not a green leaf to be found and not a worm to be found. Where did they go? No way they became butterflies over night! They crawled away. But to where? Very weird. I may plant parsley next year just to see if more come.
Oh..and I got my identity stolen this week. Beware of paypal! and check your trash folders in your email. My 'thief' set the filter to send all their emails and paypal emails to the trash folder so they could find them but I didn't. Then had some fun with my credit card! Luckily, all passwords are changed, cards are cancelled and fraud investigations are underway. I had a few choice words for them.