Monday, February 20, 2012

Winter cold

It has been a few weeks since I posted..illness hit our household but this time the humans fell.  I had a bad cold one weekend being completely down for the count..and then Jason came down with a mild (but still rough) case of Shingles. 
But luckily, our new couch arrived right before it was needed for rest and recovery.  Well..if I could find a spot for rest and recovery that is...
 There was never a shortage of snugglers however..we had 11 total this weekend
I finally felt like being up and around.  We went outside for a little play.  We are watching Petey and Lulu
 Petey is pretty cute
And then..the 60 degree weather decided to change and after a potty break Shiloh seemed to have come down with a bad case of dandruff?
 What a beautiful morning.
Since the temperatures were supposed to be in the 40s this day..we hurried outside in the morning to play.  This did mean the light was not I am not happy with my photos. But now it is a slushy mess outside so this will have do!
 Cali loves the we have proven in past 'snowier' winters.  She tries to goad Petey in to a race
 I don't think it worked
 Now she tries to goad ME in to a race..this is what I refer to as Crazy Cali

 Petey enjoys playing in the snow.  I threw a snowball which he did actually try to fetch..
 He did master the art of running in the snow when you are little.
 Such a handsome boy..
 And we are watching Smokey.  I don't have many good photos of him, but he tried to pose a bit this morning
 The snow will be gone in a few hours and it is supposed to be in the upper 60s by the end of the week, so hopefully this is the end of winter's cold snaps...outside and in humans.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


 Jason is out of town this weekend, so I spent a lot of time annoying the kids with my lens.  I don't think they minded b/c I didn't make them go outside in the cold rain.
I don't know why this made me giggle but I couldn't resist this photo..Cali is always the 'pretty one' so this might be a little 'humbling photo' for her. ;-)
but the day I took Cali's staples out, she excitedly ran down the stairs in hopes I would throw her angry bird 'pig' for her.  She learned the hard way that one should watch where they are going while running down the stairs on the deck.

 Minor scratches..but multiple scratches.  So she will remain bandaged for a bit longer.  Accident prone!
We are watching Blue a beautiful blue brindle girl who is very cute.
 Shiloh shows off her newly 're-furred' nose.  The vitamin A and baby oil baths seems to have helped a little. The legs/ears aren't much better but we will take what we can!
 And Thank you to Brindle Hounds  and Treasure what you have for the Pawsome blogger award
 Henry could hardly contain himself when I told him he was an award winner...