Sunday, October 28, 2012

This and That

 I have been out of town a lot lately.  Three out of four weekends in a hotel has been a bit tough and I leave again  next week for another work conference...Minneapolis. I'm not terribly excited.  I will be home in time to start the holiday travels, but at least that is with my family and not alone.  The one weekend I was home, JRG had their fall picnic.  Our friend Brian stood in for Jason as Cali's pillow.
 And of course, it isn't a picnic without ice cream.  Dana gets the longest tongue award.
 Cali's eyes in the photo make me laugh.."this is so good and so cold!"
 I did get a few photos of Dana in the sunshine. I have a new lens coming soon, so hopefully I can get some better indoor shots. I find that is where I spend most of my time. ;-)
 Just a little ETS.  Dana has gotten so grey! 
 Speaking of grey..Dante has turned in to a dappled doxie!
While I was taking normal shots of the others, Cali was behind me doing her viscous impression.  Notice the pink poodle is never far from her playing...
And on a sadder note, we lost another greyhound friends and frequent boarder.  you probably don't recognize her b/c this is the ONLY photo I have of her and it was taken in 2007.  But we kept her probably 3-5 weeks a year.  She was petrified of the camera.  However, you probably would recognize her "brother" Petey the chihuahua.  But Lulu lost her battle with osteo on Friday.  Her family let me go see her and say my goodbyes.  She was a very sweet girl and we will all miss her!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Beach Bound Hounds 2012

Every year Kristen and I pack up Jaime, Stan, Cali and Dana and head to Myrtle Beach, SC for Beach Bound Hounds. It is by far our favorite 'greyhound group event'.  We typically spend very little time doing the pre-planned seminars and games..but we enjoy ourselves nonetheless.

The first morning, the dogs are always excited so they get us up very early.  After that, we are waking them up and dragging them outside (they even start eating breakfast before going outside b/c they just can't stand walking anymore).
So I always catch a nice sunrise.
 And to prove that we aren't the only ones walking greyhounds at 6:30AM
 After breakfast, we get a nice walk on the beach before it gets too hot.
 Stan has ETS
Jaime watches the waves crash
The first full night, they have a catered dinner. Last year we were on a deck but this year it was a sit down dinner in the conference center. It was neat to see all the dogs sacked out.  We hadn't even sat down before ours were sound asleep.
 Until someone shook a bag that sounded a lot like a treat bag to Cali.
 In years past, Cali has loved the ocean.  She has played in the waves and worn her silly self out.  But this year, the age showed I suppose.  She had no desire.  They even had a 'hound swim' and I thought for sure the other dogs playing would spark her interest. But no..she just stood there like I was beating her.
 And then stood there like I had just beat her while I rinsed off her feet.
"Aunt Kristen, don't just stand there! Make her stop"
She seemed much more comfortable here ( bottles were a theme this year as in years past)
Since this was our 4th year, we have the process pretty much down pat.  However, Dante had a medical emergency (he is fine now..major seizure which led to partial temporary paralysis) while I was I did forget to pack TWO raised feeders and Cali had to eat from a plastic bowl on the floor.  But you get the idea.
It was pretty hot the majority of the time, but one morning we were able to bring them out to the beach with us. 
Jaime and Stanley enjoy the sand
 Cali on the other hand hates the sand..and she always has. So much so that she intentionally makes herself as uncomfortable as possible by diving headfirst in the the sand so she can purse her lips and scrunch up her face in disdain.  Trust me..once you see it you will understand. She does "pouty face" like no other dog.
 But have no fear, we rinse it all off and give her a comfy bed to lie on.
On Friday night, we all go to Barefoot landing to get taffy and dinner.  Dogs aren't allowed in the taffy store, so Judy handled the herd while we shopped. 
Kristen poses by the waves
 And as always, the event ends with a meeting on Sunday morning.  We watch from above while packing up.  It was a great event!