Sunday, February 17, 2008


Addicted to was Valentine's day on Thursday so Kristen, Gyeong, Jason and I went to Veritas Winery for their wine dinner.

The food was great, the wine was unlimited and the band was cheesy...combine those ingredients and you get some crazy pictures...

Addicted to...INK!!!! Kristen and I did it again!!!! We got an artist to draw us an image and we got another tattoo on Friday night...on the outside of our right calves. We are very happy!
Here is mine close upAddicted to greyhounds! The local humane society had their annual Pet Expo on Saturday. So we put up a booth and talked about how wonderful our hounds are!! It was a HUGE event and we had a lot of interest..the greyhounds were exhausted. And you know how well Cali takes to being exhausted...She passed out on the T-shirtsAddicted to chocolate!!!! After the Pet Expo we went to the Virgina Food and Wine Expo (it was a whirlwind weekend..can you tell?). There were tons of Virginia wineries there AND a chocolate fountain!!Addicted to Rock Band...what is a weekend without Rock Band?OH and Cali decided she was done with her sutures a few days ago..but her skin was NOT ready to have them taken out. Which meant we were rushing her to the vet on Friday to get the gaping wounds stapled shut. Kristen said she is Franken-dog..Katy would probably say Franken-tart. So she is in her coat for another 10-15 days b/c this time I decide when they come out.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Play date!

We had a greyhound play date at a local dog park today. The wind was insane (even saw a forest fire..) but the dogs had fun. I have more pictures (of dogs other than my own) on the GPA blog. And you will notice a specific greyhound that is missing...she is SOOOOO mad about the fact she can't do this...but her sutures come out this week and then she will be back in action. Dante also was missing...he doesn't play well with others AND he has a new addition to his wardrobe. This stops him from eating his poo (and others)...he loves it..can't you tell? (we call him Hannibal Lector now)
But on to photos of fun!

Brady's mom brought cookies...she was Lacey and Dana's favorite person!Lacey made a new friend..this little girl had her dog there (the little pit bull seen in all the photos on the other blog).Dana had a lot of fun!Dana and Shiloh pose for a 'wind in your hair' shot...they could be on the cover of Elle or something I think! Shiloh says "THANK YOU FOR BRINGING ME!!"On Saturday we went to Stony Point for our walk around the mall. We had a great turnout b/c the weather was awesome! (Cali didn't go to this either...I am sooo in the doghouse!) And before you feel too sorry for Cali, she got to stay home with her daddy while he worked. Right now, he is in the floor with her and she is crying the blues to him (rooing up a storm)...she's fine. ;-) She will be back to racing around and going to the events in no time!

Next weekend is the Pet will be lots of fun! And we are also going to the Virginia Food and Wine will be an expo filled weekend!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

update: Cali

Just a quick update. Cali made it through her surgery. They took a lot of skin just in case. They are doing a biopsy but I haven't gotten the results yet! She looks so pitiful! She has 5 sutures on her side and 6 on her belly. She doesn't like being told she can't run and hates wearing her coat all the time..but she will get over it! Thanks for all your thoughts and well wishes!!!!
ETA: The biopsy came back benign!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Play date before the Big Game

First..a test! Where's Dante? We went to a Strange's Garden Center on Saturday for the Dog Days festival. I forgot my camera..luckily Amanda had hers..I hope she posts pictures soon! It was a lot of fun and quite large. We had a great greyhound turnout!
Then on Sunday, I had a very large play date in the back yard. Jason made chili and we had 17 dogs (and their owners) come to enjoy the wonderful spring-like day!!!! I don't think I can figure out who was in all the shots but making up the greyhound gang were (in no particular order): Stella, Jaime, Stanley, Cali, Stella, Lacey, Hemingway, Smokey, Ana, Blue, Brady, Ally and Dolly. Non greyhound representatives were Diego the whippet, Parker and Shiloh the black SPCA dogs and Dante the wonder weiner.

Somebody said bunny...

When the action stalled, Nerice stepped in to throw a stuffie!The brindles were being elitist..until Blue wrecked the party!And what's a party without Sammy Snacks!!!!
Brady is doing well in his new home and you will all be glad to know..his purple grapefruit of a sack is now a normal tube sock..all better!!! Lacey is still here but there is hope for a home soon!! The Super Bowl was a pretty good game..although I was surprised by the outcome and unimpressed with the commercials..good chili, wine and lots of dogs made it all worth it!!!
Cali had her annual check up today...she has a growth on her belly that they are concerned about. So she goes in tomorrow to get it taken off..;-( I will be a nervous nelly! Fingers and paws crossed!