Sunday, January 31, 2016


Richmond tends to get a good snow every few years.  This year (so far..winter isn't over) we had a big storm last weekend that gave us 16 inches of snow!  I tried to go out several times for them to play b/c once it got to 16 inches, Roxi had some trouble getting around!  This was day one when we had just a few inches.  It was still pouring.
 The next day it was still snowing!  It was a pretty terrible day. Windy, pouring snow, cold..just blah. it was about 8 inches or so at this time. roxi was loving it! She'd dive head first in to it..cracked me up. This was Lizzie's first snow..and she seems to be channeling her inner Cali.  Cali always loved the snow.
 Finally, the snow stopped SAturday evening and left us with a lot of soft snow.  The sun came out on Sunday for some fun. Though Cody decided this much snow was dumb and he would have no part of it.  
It was definitely deep and Roxi had to bound through it. But she managed.

 Lizzie loved it.  It was up to her elbows and she thought it was wonderful. Sheer joy
 At one point, she just sat in the snow and looked around for a few minutes. 
 But then there was more running.
 Roxi normally can't keep up but in this type of snow it was useless.
 But it always ends in wrestling.  These two love to wrestle and while it may look good (though they are muzzled when I'm not out there within feet of them...just in case)
 A week later and most of it is gone.  That is the way of Virginia. It might be in the 60s by the end of the week.  But that is the best kind of snow.  Now I'm ready for spring.

Saturday, January 2, 2016


  She's doing so well.  She did her first home visit yesterday, visiting my parents on the farm without escaping nor turning over the tree and has proven to be a great meet and greet girl.
  She finally gave me some good 'head shots"
 and she loves to be upside down..
 My three enjoying time at my parents' house on Christmas.  It rained a there wasn't any play time in the mini horse paddock.
But it was incredibly warm for December, so we hung outside on leashes and watched the world go by.
We received Cali's urn and I love it.  Now the girls are back together.  (The boys are on the shelf below this).  It was such a hard year with losing Dana and Cali (along with Jason being laid off) but I'm holding out hopes for 2016.