Sunday, August 31, 2014

Not all days are lazy

With the addition of Roxi and Cody, our house isn't as lazy as my previous post may suggest.
Roxi gets lots of attention, goes a lot of places with me (including obedience school) and has tons of toys to play with...but nothing beats the coolest toy ever.
And Cali gets in on the action.  I love that she feels like playing and is enjoying every bit of her life.

Happy Labor Day!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lazy dogs

Roxi has definitely picked up the mentality of a greyhound.  Granted..she is still a young one and has loads of energy. But she settles easily.
 Cali is doing great.  We are approaching the 8 month ampuversary and as of now, she is going with me to Beach Bound Hounds. 
 I love this photo of Cody and Roxi's feet.  Roxi's feet are so different from the greyhounds, but they fit right in.
 Smile for the camera, little girl!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Anniversary trip

Jason and I took off for a weekend (leaving the furry ones in the capable hands of Nerice) to celebrate our 9 year anniversary.  
We started at Stone Mountain Brewery which had an awesome deck and great beer.
 Then we took off up Skyline Drive which goes along the Blue Ridge Mountains through Shenandoah National Park.  Just beautiful.  Now..i will say I had intentions of doing this in the convertible with the top down.  The weather CERTAINLY cooperated with this plan staying in the low 80s with overcast skies.  BUT that is where the cooperation ended.  Jason was in a minor car accident two days before we left..and nothing is ever minor in the Porsche words.  So we took the only rental car we could get the morning we were leaving (it eventually got exchanged for an awesome Mercedes)..but we did this trip in a Chevy..oh well.
The scenery still made it worthwhile.
 We stayed at the Lafayette Inn in Stanardsville and had a wonderful 10 course dinner at their restaurant that night.  We stayed in a cottage at the Inn which was neat.
 The next morning we headed out for some tours.
We started at CrossKeys Winery..which was stunning.
Then we went to Three Brothers brewery
And Red Beard favorite.
It was a different weekend trip than we are used too..we typically see tons of vineyards and grapes. But this time we focused more on breweries.  Hops can be beautiful too.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Less is, more often than not, more. 
One less leg, hasn't made Cali any less happy and quite honestly, I think it has made her more happy.
She celebrates her 7 month Ampu-versary this week and her 7 year gotcha day this weekend...since it also happens to be our 9 year wedding anniversary..there will be extra treats all around.
Dana is now 13 1/2 and doing relatively well for her age.  She is less active and dances a lot less..but she is still the Roo Roo Pants.
I will also admit that I have lessened my load a bit.  A few months ago and many of the last few blogs have been shot with a new camera.  I loved my Canon 7D and had it for many years.  But it seemed to weigh more and more every trip.  And as a well known camera blogger recently said..cameras don't have eyes or is the moron behind the lens that makes a photo. And that I agree with!!  So I went mirrorless...  I am  now shooting with an Olympus OMD EM-1 compact systems camera with the 12-40mm 2.8 Pro lens (this is the "L" lens of Canon world).  I will buy another lens soon but for now, I am enjoying a one lens bag.  it weighs very little (about a 1/3 the 7D), has a touch screen, shoots great and I am betting no one noticed my change.  I've sold the 7D and honestly never missed it and i can certainly say my back, shoulder and wrist do NOT miss it. 
Cody and Roxi are no less active at this point. Which is great.  They truly seem to enjoy each other.
 And I think Cali has accepted him in to the pack