Friday, September 12, 2014

Bitey Face

Cali and Roxi have started playing "bitey face" every day....I am glad it is keeping her young and she seems to thoroughly enjoy it. It looks a lot more ferocious than it actually is..neither ever bite down and it is all in play.
 This isn't the greatest photo, but it made me laugh so I couldn't resist.
 But she is a greyhound after all and she wears out much quicker than Roxi does.  Right now, I have Belle and Sooie (They lost Beau a few weeks ago...we miss him).  But I'm glad I have a big couch.  I spend much of my time (no surgery required..just rest, ice and time) in that little spot at the far right of the photo..where the ice pack and laptop are..that is what they give me..

Sunday, September 7, 2014

I cannot be trusted to do stairs...

There are three stairs leading to my garage from my house.  Doesn't sound like a lot...they aren't even steep or menacing in any way. But apparently I can not be trusted to do them while talking on a cell phone.
Two sprained ankles and a partial torn LCL later...and I'm hobbling around.  I don't do 'don't put any weight on it' well.  THis happened a week ago and it was too painful/swollen that day for them to tell if I had torn/ruptured anything else in my knee. So I go this Tuesday for another exam with the ortho to see if I need further procedures on my knee.  It is MUCH less painful now..though if I push it..I pay for it.  My right ankle..who has to take my entire weight even though revolting and has become a 'zombie foot' and threatens to collapse most days.
Cali gives me lots of sympathy and I know she understands.
 We did manage to hit a winery yesterday.  Luckily, I have awesome friends who helped me and catered to me to keep me off my feet as much as possible.  I'm still paying for it today..but that is OK.  I took Roxi and Cody.  We had 10 dogs hanging under a tree while drinking wine.  Wish it had been a smidge cooler..but that is OK. 

 The greyhounds are easy to 'wear out'.  But Roxi on the other hand has a bit more energy. So seeing this (forgive the poor quality as it was in a moving vehicle) made my day on the way home.  Seven hours of 'eventing' and 'winery lounging' did her in!
Fingers crossed for 'just rehab and time' diagnosis on Tuesday.  I'm fairly confident of this.