Sunday, July 21, 2013


It has become apparent that Dante has 37 lives.  He is a walking syndrome and we have taken to calling him the "golden dog" not because he is special in a gifted way but because at this point..he might as well be made out of gold.  Again, he became very ill a few weeks ago.  He wasn't moving, he wasn't eating and on Sunday a large mass popped up on his face.  We took him to the vet on Monday and they suspected either a tooth abscess or cancer.  Now let me say..Dante has horrible teeth..BUT we have gotten him a dental every 12-16 months for the last 6 years.  The last one was in January.  Bad breeding and poop eating has made his mouth  very difficult indeed.  So we suspected cancer, but they couldn't do an oral exam b/c his MMM/arthritis of the jaw make him unable to open his mouth fully without pain.  So we took him back on Wednesday for sedation, Xrays, dental, etc.  The end result..8 teeth removed, 2 large abscesses drained and no cancer found.  Now we have a very unhappy doxie with a mouth full of sutures and very few teeth.  The trick will be now to keep him from getting the incisions infected (a  month of antibiotics should help).  This was right when we got home..
 I want to get a photo of his mouth..but he his having no part of that now.  It looks like meatloaf right now.  And he is a 'whiner' so ..we are hearing ALLLL about it right now.  Pain meds are his friend. But he is eating great, acting like 'normal' and his face is no longer swollen.  We took note from the Park's when they had a lot of pills to give and now Dante's are organized for easy administration
We've had a few boarders over the last few weeks.  There was obviously a brindle meeting on the couch..Leelu, Cali and Belle
Jack hung out with us for a few days as well.  He is young and loves to chase his ball.  It was so hot that we didn't have a lot of energy to it much.
And I call this photo.."why we love greyhounds"  Tybalt gives us THE eye
It was very hot yesterday but I noticed a bubble floating by my window..when I investigated I found my neighbor blowing bubbles for her Boston Terrier, Bruin. Bruin is a good dog and has a lot of energy. So I captured some of his love of bubbles.
He was nuts over those bubbles.  

And it seems I have been ending my blog with tributes a lot lately..but two very special hounds passed away recently.  
We have watched Amy for 6 years and have become friends with her owners. She always held a special place in our heart.  She stayed here a few weeks ago and osteo had a very firm grip on her.  Her family let her go this week.  I took this photo while she was with us..we will miss her a lot.
We also lost our god-dog Jaime..she was such a trooper after her amputation from osteo.  I remember helping Kristen pick her up from her prior home and knowing she was going no where.  We spent 4 Beach Bound Hound trips snuggled in the bed and countless sleepovers with the Parks.  We will miss you, dear Jaime.
 Jason leaves for England this Saturday. I will go see him in late August but he wont' see Cali (except over Skype of course!)for over 7 weeks.  I'm not sure who will take it harder...