Monday, August 31, 2009

Housewarming and birthday party

This past weekend we had our first REAL bash at the new house! It was Jason's 37th birthday as well as our housewarming party.
Dana does her part to clear the yard of squirrels
While Urban and Cali supervise
And what would one of our parties be with LOADS of wine?
the afternoon crowd arrives. You might recognize some faces in the crowd..the authors of Beau and Belle, genji's corner, Nerice's nook, ridlon Tails, Houndlife, Smokey's Greyt adventures, and our newest family member Go Greyhound were all in attendance.
The birthday boy chats it up with Kipp, Dabney and Cindy
Alex decides to get all the hounds to out for poop!

Smokey and Dolly oblige
Now, everyone knows Jason and I are car nuts and since I have bought 3 new cars since knowing him..and he has only bought 1 new is technically his turn..(I hate taking turns..) So now his sights are set on his next dream car..a Porsche. So I called up Nerice and asked if she could whip up a Porsche cake in his current favorite color of green. As always..she did a GREAT job!
Jason cuts the cake..notice the license plate Nice 2 Dream
The next morning, the boys were moving a lot slower than the far! The dogs were obviously exhausted as well.
Cali and Stella..the queens unite
Henry and Dana have a "geriatrics only" section in the yard to enjoy the warm sunshine.
Dana..just being pretty.
On another note, I wanted to show off my new art. My sister found an artist who does water color paintings from your favorite photo. And she is GREAT!
Then I just got her to complete the quartet and paint Dante
And Dana
I really like her work. if you are intersted in using her, go to
Tell her I sent you and you get a discount!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Is everyone on vacation?

First of all I would like to think Life with Dogs for awarding me the Gold Hydrant Award last Friday. I wasn't prepared and don't have a speech prepared...but to everyone who stumbled here from his post..welcome! and stick around, we have a pretty good time here!
But back to business.
Obviously, this month is travel month. August is always busy for those of us who give up our house to be a kennel while everyone else travels.
For a bit, we had 10 total ..eight greyhounds, Shiloh and Dante. I don't have the great overlook that Gyeong has, but I tried to get an overall view.
From top going clockwise..Dana, Paris, Cali, Urban, Beau, Rome, Henry and Belle (not pictured would be the little ones on the couch..dante and shiloh)
the weather was great (albeit hot as hades) we were able to get out and enjoy the blue sky! Rome views the landscape..
urban has some fun...
You know you want to see that face closer...
the fence monsters (JRTs next door) attract attention
Cali and Paris enjoy some romping
Our 4th wedding anniversary was last week (also Cali's 2nd gotcha day). So we went out for a nice dinner the actual weekend, but I still insist on a 'special' dinner from my wonderful husband 'chef'! So I ordered up the most decadent thing I could think of...Lobster stuffed Filet Mignon!
Jason flames the the sauce
The finished was yummy!
then Paris and rome went home, so we had 8 for now..2 more are coming this next weekend.

Dana...well..she sleeps like this...a lot...we love her anyway. ;-)
Housewarming party is coming up soon..and you know that always leads to great photos and stories!! Hopefully Urban will find a home soon..he is patiently waiting for his forever home!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Relaxing by the pool

We went to my parents' house this weekend. It was so hot that we spent the majority of it in the pool!
If we weren't in the pool, we were playing Wii in the house. the old boys were always found on the couch..Tucker (13 year old JRT), Truflz (8 year old Shih Tzu) and Dante (11 year old hot dog).
While in the pool, Uncle Jason amazed Boone with the incredible appearing rubber ball trick
All the dogs ended up in the pool at some point. (well, except Dana who prefered to be inside instead of on the 'child proof' deck and Shiloh who takes 12 hours to dry)
Everyone could swim...except Cali. Her back legs wouldn't move and if we let go of her, her legs would float sideways and to the top. No effort..she knew Daddy would NOT let her drown.

So we realized quickly that Cali would not be a swimmer. So..she found a more 'suitable' pool activity.
I know I look good..
Catching some rays..
And because we are just that weird...
She laid on this float (which was made of mesh so she was laying in water) for 30 minutes..never moved or tried to get off.
and just in case any one was worried for her 'non-swimming' safety...have no fear..Daddy was NEVER far away.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The joy of the outdoors

I grew up in the country and was quite used to snakes, varmits, wildlife in general infringing on my habitat. But after living in the barren wastelands for a few year, I had forgotten that wildlife exisited! So far the snake and lizard in the garage were just the start. Dana is my 'prey drive' girl and has found many things in the yard. The toad..was not the best situation. She tried to eat it..but luckily I wsa outside and RAN out in the yard yelling "Don't eat that".
But the other day, I was on the phone with kristen and i saw this
Now this can only mean one thing..a critter. Dana's obsessive stare at something means it is alive and she wants to eat it. So i nonchalantly walked out thinking it was another toad and she had learned her lesson the first time about eating one of those. But no..
I screamed like a girl again. right after this, a huge red tail hawk flew over and I was trying to point him in the snakes general direction, but he was interested in other things.
occasionally we find Dana 'in that stance' at the gate with a bunny on the other side, or staring out a window with some critter lazily munching on grass outside.
and then of course..we all know what this means..
Cali found something 'wonderful' (aka toad poop) to roll in and get all over herself. Yummy!
We still have Urban. he decided to get some revenge on the muzzle that we assume injured his nose the other day. he managed to get it off and show it what for!
We are also watching Henry. He is 10 years old but in great shape! I hope all of mine have his spunk at his age!
We have had all four of them for a while, so they play very well together. Even the old man gets out there and romps!
I have no idea what Dana is doing here..
and here is a shot of Jason's kitchen. The 'cooking area'...I am standing in the 'serving area'. he loves his new stove and all the great counter space!
and the other night, we decided to up the geek factor in the neighborhood by starting a game of Dungeons and Dragons..old school with pencil and paper. Scott and Iva join in (Beau and Belle lounged with my kids while we played) and we had a lot of fun. We will probably do this more often. I guess this is what you do when you get old...haha! I will have to take more photos next time.