Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall picnic

Fall is finally here. The leaves are starting to changeAnd the weather is cool and crisp! When the sun is out, everyone gets out to enjoy it! Cali, Dana and Henry stop (briefly) for a rare trio photo!Even though most nights are spent sacked out on the couch..We did have a foster for a few days, Rosie. She is already in a potential forever home. she was a sweet girl
We finally were able to have our picnic this past Sunday. It was scheduled for the Spring .. which really should have been called the Rainy Season as it rained constantly. So after postponing it 3 times, we pushed it off to the Fall. And then we had to postpone it from last weekend. but finally..our patience was rewarded! You can check out GPA's blog for more photos.
Henry shows off his new collar from Houndstown in true style.We had a radar run, which was quite entertaining.
Cali posted the fastest time of the trio at 29mph
Henry came in 2nd with 28mphAnd most of you know 'at home Dana' aka "comfortable Dana"... the Dana in strange places is much different..her Eeyore comes out a bit. So she followed up by basically trotting down the course..turning around and running back to Daddy at 27mph.I have to thank nerice for this next photo. i was holding everyone while Jason took them to the start. So the squawker was tempting everyone waiting!We also had a membership meeting to elect the new board of directors (we welcomed Scott of Beau and Belle fame to the board), go over financial stuff and give a general end of year report. Well..my hounds found the whole thing rather boring (again..thanks to nerice..Cali is laying on my shoe).
I think Henry is a full fledged member..don't you?
Pumpkin and Halloween photos to come..Happy Halloween!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Welcome to Virginia!

One week ago, this was my view..It was 80 degrees, blue sky..just wonderful convertible weather!
This weekend..winter arrived! 40 degrees, windy, rainy..just gross! so this is my view..I usually hate using the flash on my camera..I think I may have actually used it once since buying it 1 1/2 years ago. But last night..I couldn't resist using the flash to capture these grainy photos. Dante loves the fireplace.

But oddly, it is supposed to be 70 degrees again next weekend. For now..we are just trying to stay warm.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Farewell, Tamale

It is amazing how close we become using only words and photos. IHateToast was one of the first blogs I followed and quite the inspiration to many of us. Even though she is on the other side of the globe, I feel as if I know her and her hounds well. Even though she no longers blogs, we all still maintain that link just in case.
And her hounds Tamale and Omo. To get the news today of Tamale's passing was hard.
Even though I've never met her, she will be missed.
Katy..there are lots of hugs heading your way from the US and your greyhound family is weeping. Find another memorial at GBD and read about Tamale's wonderful retired life..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy dogs make Happy People

So I guess it isn't anything unusual for me to say we had a lot of dogs these past few weeks. it will actually be noteworthy when we only have our dogs (in about 1 hour we will be boarder/foster free for the first time in 3 months).
But we have enjoyed the pack and the weather lately has been great for outdoor playtime!
We had Hemi, Bella, Amy, Blue, Ana, Cali, Dana and Henry playing one afternoon. They seemed to really enjoy themselves!
Jason gets the party started by throwing the beehive.
Amy launches..
Everyone seems to be doing something different in this oneSomeone heard the starting pistol..And They're OFF!!Cali does her best impression of a tigerIf you are wondering how Henry is faring these days as a full fledged Stumpf clan member..I would say he is doing pretty good..His vaccines are up to date, he is on all his preventatives/vitamins and just seems like a happy boy to me!
We went to the Metro Space Gallery for First Friday's Arts on the Sidewalk event this weekend. The gallery was featuring an artist who owns/paints greyhounds. so they invited us to attend the event. It was crazy crowded and quite the Friday night scene. It was pretty neat all in all. Before the action got started, we were able to peruse the gallery offerings. Chuck and Sharon try to culture Twister and Cleo a little.But Twister is better suited for this attire.Henry and Dana make great donation dogs for a while..Henry found himself a soft bed to lie on for most of the evening. Notice Henry's new martingale courtesy of Houndstown.
Then we added Beau and Belle to our pack for the weekend. Belle found the chaise lounger and has not left it since! She is very photogenic!