Saturday, August 13, 2016

Extended absence

It's been a while.  But I have a good reason.  Jason and I decided to move ..we've always wanted some land and no neighbors.  He lost his job last September so we had to delay that dream.  Once he got a new job, we put it in high gear! 
So after a few failed attempts, a VERY stressful closing and a very hot move..we have a new home.
The backyard is larger and flat. We added the fence but still have some work to do.  The brown spots used to be trees. That was first line of business.
 It was a flip so the inside is new. We are doing some remodeling/minor renovations first so I will post inside photos once we have everything back in order.  But Kristen and Gyeong kept my dogs for a week while we moved/unpacked.
I'm happy to have them back and so far they love the new yard and screened in porch! But it's so hot for now, they are enjoying the larger great room.
I'll pull my real camera out at some point and get some running photos in the back yard.  It's 95F here now so outdoor time is very limited.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Summer routine

We've been doing a lot of what we do best lately:
Stalking hummingbirds (and I'm fairly sure he's giving me side eye)
playing with friends
Lounging at wineries with dogs
And this happened..those who follow my blog know how cool this is..
 So all is well in our greyhound world.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ice Cream Sunday

We had our James River Greyhounds picnic yesterday and we had vanilla cups for the dogs.  I had Cora and Lizzie who loved their cups so I took a few home for everyone else.  So instead of Bully Stick was Ice Cream Sunday.
We have Vesta visiting for the weekend, so she got to enjoy too.
Cody has a very long tongue and used it wisely.
 Cora (who I will admit tried to eat the cup a few times and eventually I just put the ice cream on the ground..)

 Vesta was neat and dainty and licked her cup clean
 Lizzie had learned from the picnic and hooked her nose over the edge for more leverage.
 Roxi downed hers in minutes..she carried it in to the yard and ripped the cup to pieces (never eating the cup) to get every morsel..
They all four enjoyed the sunny day with ice cream
The rain has stopped..but I think just temporarily.  It's definitely been an odd spring.
A few parting shots of Cody. He sometimes gets the short end of the photo stick on FB and my Instagram account.  


Monday, May 9, 2016

Small diversion: Invisalign

I started Invisalign last November.  When I was researching the pros and cons, I came across several blogs who just wrote one or two posts about their journey. These helped me a lot because they weren't paid for or written for anyone.  So I knew I'd write one at some point as well.
So please excuse this one small diversion which I hope will help someone researching Invisalign.

Invisalign is a clear aligner system to straighten your teeth.  I have to be honest...i love it.
I'm at the half way point*.  I change aligners every 10 days and there are 37 total.

Things I have learned over the last 6 months:
-I can successfully brush my teeth at work without getting toothpaste on my shirt. My lanyard has been hit a few times, I will admit.
-My  mouth will toughen up and heal up quickly.  I doubted this the first few days adn the first few days after the attachments (think small spikes of doom places on the outside of your teeth for superior leverage)..but my mouth has moved past the pain and with the help of a little filing, everything is fine.
-Public restrooms.  They are a difficult thing for me on a good day.  So now add having to brush my teeth and rinse my aligners in them.  I will tout disposable pre-pasted toothbrushes forever now for this purpose.  I agree..not environmentally friendly. But for an OCD microbiologist who must brush her teeth in some pretty scary places..there is no choice.  I also like the Wisps for those times I just can't bring myself to do it. That has happened.  Twice.
-I have had to decline taste testing or samples in stores often.  I thought this would be a good weight loss activity but apparently I make up for it during the meals.
-I take protocols and tweak them to my needs.  I do wear the aligners a lot and almost the 22 hours they recommend.  I also ALMOST always only drink water while wearing them.  White wine is REALLY close to water, so it counts.
little devils made of rubber designed to move your teeth in large swathes.  I do not like them.
-I thought traveling would be difficult but it hasn't been. My purse is extra heavy with the oral hygiene items already so traveling is really  nothing more. Eating in the car is definitely more difficult but I do that rarely already.
-They do work.  My top aren't as noticeable yet due to the major renovations required in the molars. so while I can tell, no one else can. The bottom on the other hand have made a pretty good move so far.

Someone likened it to wearing shoes.  You notice them when you first put them on in the morning and likely in the evening on your home after a long day. But on average, you don't really 'think' or notice your shoes.  Same with the aligners.  I notice them when they first go in and usually after a long day of talking, I want nothing more than to take them out a minute or two.  But normal segment of the day, I don't notice them.
Which explains the occasional time when I try to tear tape or hold something with my teeth. Which when your teeth are coated in plastic, that no longer works.
so that's my intrusion. I will move back to doggie blogging now.  I may post another final one once my fronts are done and I have a more normal smile. ;-)

*half way is relative.  The first round is the big one of 37. But then they will re-scan my teeth and I will get another set of 'refinements' which should be much less. So in reality I have no idea of when this will be over. BUT I do know it will be worth it in the end.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

I'm famous

OK...not quite. But a blogger in Yorkshire, England stumbled across my blog and contacted me.  He loved my action shots and was doing a piece on 'bitey face' with his lurchers. 2 minutes of fame

Anyone attending Greyhounds in Gettysburg, Stop by the Virginia Greyhound Adoption booth and say hi!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Roxi and Lizzie are definitely besties.  Which is great..they definitely need each other for energy release!
 Roxi loves to sling herself on to the ground..
 Which leads to her looking like this the majority of the time!  She's a pig dog. ;-)
Lizzie will occasionally "turn it on" and run too fast for Roxi..which leads to Roxi getting frustrating and barking at her.  This is Lizzie trying to be slow..
"you still back there, little dog?"
It is amazing how much lean they get in the corners..
 Best friends.
 If any greyhound person is going Greyhounds In Gettysburg this week, please stop by the Virginia greyhound Adoption booth (near Houndstown) and say hi!!! 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Friends come to visit

We had our friend's dogs for a long weekend and they are very photogenic.  Bob just adopted Duff recently so he is new 'photo material' and he is gorgeous.
 His sister is Daisy
 He's not even two yet so he had a short attention span..
 Daisy decided she didn't want Duff to upstage her..
 And I couldn't forget Dobby the whippet.
 This makes me think he is pursing his lips together
 Cora didn't think my focus on them was appropriate..haha