Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall back

Fall is here.  The morning view is beautiful even if this signifies cold and darkness for a few months.

We watched Beau and Belle for a little over a week.  Beau surveys the land
 In the evenings, Beau channels his inner Jaime and sleeps with one paw over his ear!
 Belle has learned to keep a watchful eye on the kitchen..sometimes yummy items come her way from it!
 The local Harley Davidson shop had a Hogs and Dogs event!  It was their first annual event but all in all it was a neat one!  We took the whole gang!
They had contests..Cali was entered in best eyes and she donated her Harley hat to Dante for the costume contest.
But you knew this would happen eventually...
Actually...this is more 'necessary' than before.  I hope to be able to post more action photos of Cali
 But she started limping a while ago and it has slowly gotten worse.  We went in for X-rays and they did find a 'translucent' spot on her scapula/humerus region.  Greyhound people know what that can mean..what I didn't realize is that there are other reasons.  We are hoping she has tendinopathy, which would definitely inhibit her but not nearly as much as the alternative.  She is on bed rest (or lap rest in her case) and Rimadyl for 3 weeks.  We will re-Xray at that point.  If it has spread/gotten worse..well.
We are hoping it shows some improvement or the inflammation lets them confirm the tendinopathy.  Fingers crossed.
But for now..we wait and enjoy Thanksgiving!  Gobble Gobble.