Friday, November 28, 2014

All about Dana

Dana gets a bum rap most blog days.  She is our first greyhound and a very old lady. But she has always been a wallflower.  She will be 14 in January and deserves some press time.  She has always slept on her nose.  To the point she will pant in her sleep due to lack of oxygen. 
 She has gotten so gray and she still has that worried look on her face.
 We finally got the paintings of Cody and Roxi completed so our wall has a new look.  The paintings now move to the stairwell in memory.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Giant among us

This weekend we watched our friend's greyhound, Boomer, and Great Dane, Maverick.  Having a Great Dane in the house is definitely different.  He is sweet and laid back but lacks the finesse and lightfootedness of a greyhound. 
 And did I mention he's huge? (Yes, when it's chilly outside Cody gets to play in his PJs.  I was never allowed to do this but I figure it is OK for him to do)
He towers over Roxi and outweighs her by easily 5X..but they insisted on trying to play indoors.  Not a good idea
It was funny to watch them all play.  Maverick would also be going the wrong direction and in the wrong part of the yard from the 'action'.
 And it definitely sounded like a  herd of horses when he came through.
 But he was very good and very sweet.  He can't help he is a horse.  Boomer didn't know what to think of the playing so he stayed on the sidelines and watched.  But he did enjoy the post game cookie time
 For those in the US, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014


She did not get this from me

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Cali celebrated her 10 month ampuversary on Friday!
She and Roxi still play so much, which is awesome to see.
These photos aren't the best..daylight savings time plays havoc on my afternoon photo ops..but oh well. You get the idea.
 Roxi loves her toys
 There is usually a stalemate at the end with Roxi wanting to continue to play and Cali being done.
 And without fail, Roxi always ends up looking like this. She flings herself to the ground a lot and rolls around.  I am usually just happy it is just grass clippings...