Monday, October 29, 2007

A busy weekend

The weekend was a long one..full of dog events. But it kept us out of trouble! We started with a dog haul on Saturday (another one!). 6 more hounds came up!
I have found my blog just isn't complete without embarassing Brian...

I brought home two boys.
WS's Free Fallin' a very laid back 4 year old boy. Who went to his forever home on Sunday!
And Hevener Jaguar..he is a 2 year old ...and VERY energetic!I already had Hevener Apollo. Who should be going to his forever home on Tuesday!
He is the definition of velcro..this was the only picture I had of him for a few days!
Free Fallin' really liked Cali..he thought she was very pretty. He wasn't aware that his manberries were missing. She wasn't impressed.
I call this my "dog whisperer" picture. We were watching Macy (fawn by Dana in the back). So treat time was quite the experience.
Then on Sunday was our membership meeting at a local park. It was a lot of fun! You can see more pictures of that event at GPA's blog! There are a lot of neat running pictures. They got to run in groups, so the dogs are different on that blog! But here are some more! Cali was bored by the whole meeting she got Daddy to comfort her.
Someone told them running was about to occur!Cali having fun!
Apollo and Cali
Dana and for me!
Cali, Dana and Wolf
The race is seriously on! Cali is in the lead!
And of course, after their run...poo duty!
It was a good day! Everyone was tired! At one point, we had 9 dogs here but as the weekend progressed we were left with only Jag and Apollo. Someone is getting married on Saturday, so Blue and Ana will be joining our herd soon!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Greyhound boom

I guess it is the right time of year. Greyhounds are flying off the shelves everywhere you look!!! It is very cool! We got a haul of 6 greyhounds in this weekend and 6 more are due to arrive next weekend! We did the standard early morning meeting at Crittertown to give everyone their bathe and pedicure.
Brian helps Avalanche's new family give him his first bath!

Then the best part..towel rub!
I brought Greta's Bam Bam home for the night. I just did his adoption with his new family so he is heading home! He was a sweet, goofy boy who was very easy.

Apollo was returned so I have him now. I have only had him a few hours but so I will get more pictures of him this week.
And last night Jason and I went to a friend's Halloween party..and of course we had to dress up. Jason loves his costume and has had it for years. I had to go find something that would match the 'darkness'. ;-) The worst part about the costume is that Jason is already 6'4" so add a mask and he gains 3 or 4 inches. The shoulder pad skull thingies increase his width to the point he could not walk out a door without turning sideways. He plans on answering the door Halloween night dressed like this...might stop kids from returning..more candy for us!
Next week..we wash, rinse and repeat again! But we get to end the weekend with a nice picnic with the it should be fun all in all!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When the kids collide

So we went to my in-laws' house in Charlotte, NC this past weekend. Jason's brother lives near them as well so we get to visit with our neice, Madison
and nephew, William (and NO more wife..WOOT!).
They like to use Uncle Jason as a jungle gym..the butt is awful cute...
But he is goofy enough they consider him one of them!
This was Cali's first sleepover..she is pretty easy going so I wasn't too worried about it. She did really well. On Saturday, we took them to a large baseball field that was completely enclosed. Since they don't have a fenced yard, this was their first time off the lead in 2 days! So they had a BLAST!!!
Forgive the horrible pictures..we let them off the lead and they hit the rail (gravel path) and began a full out race. I was far away and not prepared for such a spectacle! I have not seen them go that fast ever.
It looks as if Dana wins..but Cali had started slowing down by this time. Sadly, Miss Dana Roo is 2 years off the track and gotten a bit 'soft' in her old age (she turns 7 in january) so compared to Cali's 3 months off the track and 4 year old wasn't really fair. But Dana kept up to the end!
Cali still had plenty of energy after the she played a little "dodge the kids"..she had fun!
Then Madison decided she could run as fast as Cali....Cali let her for a few strides.
Then Cali just ran around goofy for a while..
I have NO idea how she managed to not crash and burn in this manuever but she pulled it out and ran away with no problem!
Cali takes a moment with Madison
And Dana takes a moment with grandpa..Dana likes grandpa

Cali and Shiloh taking a breather
It was a good trip. The dogs seemed to enjoy themselves and the kids definitely had fun! But we did discover that kids are fun for a few days...then we left. It was sooo quiet.......;-)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

German Shephard pie and steamed crabs

I know..odd combination..but let me 'splain.
Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro teamed up with Three Dog Bakery to have a 'dog dinner' last week! Basically, you got to take your dogs to have a gourmet dinner. They got a 3 course meal from the Three Dog Bakery while we enjoyed a meal from Copeland's. It was a lot of fun and the weather was amazing. Dana and Cali REALLY want the "pup-ertizer' of biscuits with a yogurt dipping sauce

Amanda, Kenney, Kristen and Stanley await their meal!

And the dogs' main course..German Shephard pie!

DADDY..I WANT THAT PIE (see Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory movie with Johnny Depp..she is Veruca Salt!)

Cali needs a wheelbarrow to leave the restaurant..

DADDY..I am SOO tired!!!!
Then on Saturday we went to the West Point Crab Carnival! Blue fin crabs are only in season a few months out of the the coastal towns tend to milk it for all it is worth. So we drove to the coast for some great steamed crabs and a little greyhound schmoozing.
I made Dana wear a crab hat (Amanda..I found it!)...Jason hates it when I do this..but she likes it (remember the bunny ears at Easter) and she looks awfully cute. You can be in a parade without a hat!
I may have gone a little overboard with the sticker....

While we were waiting for the parade to start, Cali made friends with the cub scouts.

The parade was the same weekend as Dewey Beach's greyhound most everyone was out of town. But those of us left, braved the 95 degree heat for a wonderful parade. It was a big event with a huge parade. I highly recommend everyone going who may be in the area next year!
We have Lulu and Hemingway this weekend but between the crab carnival and a local wine festival..we haven't had many photo sessions. And after walking in the parade, Cali, Lulu and Dana are exhausted. Light weights.