Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ladies hit NYC

While we were hanging in the pool earlier this summer, my Mom asked Kristen and I if we'd go to NYC with her. She'd never been, it isn't a place my Dad would ever go and she knows we need little reason to go eat and drink!!
So we planned it. 
Upon arrival, we walked to Central park and hired a pedi-cab driver to show us the entire  park.  It was neat to have someone to take photos of us!!
 The Bow Bridge (and thanks to the wonders of photo processing it looks like we were alone on the bridge. ;-))
 Then we headed to Rockefeller center and went to the "Top of the Rock"
It was a neat vantage point for Central Park (and highly recommend this view over the Empire State Building)
 That night we went to Becco which was amazing.  Highly recommend!!!
On Monday, we went to the Battery Park to view the Statue of Liberty from afar (she's the middle)
Then we walked over to the new 911 Memorial Museum which was pretty awesome.  Outside there are two MASSIVE memorial fountains that were quite amazing.  It is hard to get a size comparison..but it's massive. 
 And the names of the victims are around each one.
 I only took a few photos inside..but I'm only going to post this one.  It wouldn't do the rest justice.  There are artifacts from the buildings as well as original structures (in original locations as this was on the footprint).  it was somber and something everyone should see. 
 So to brighten up the day we hit Chinatown for some amazing soup dumplings and then went to 5th Avenue for some retail therapy.  My mom loves her purses. So we managed to 'talk her in to' 'buying a Gucci purse.
 That night we went to dinner at Le Bernerdin which is honestly a "foodie mecca" and was a big deal!  We really enjoyed it.
 And since it was a short walk away, we walked to Time Square at night.  Mom was pretty floored.
 And we went to a well known bar that faces Times Square for a nightcap. 
 The final day, we started with the Today Show for our 15 seconds of fame.  We managed ot get there at the right time and get close for the 8:30AM outdoor segment and we were on TV.
Mom got to shake Al Roker's hand
 It was neat to be 'behind' the camera and watch the action while the anchors did their piece.
 And "Here's what's happening in your neck of the woods"
 We then headed downtown to see Wall Street, Brooklyn Bridge and NYSE.  We ended up at Washington Park for some quality people watching.
We ended our trip with a wonderful Broadway production of Cinderella.  It was a great show!
 Overall, we had a great trip! We walked a lot and ate even more.  I think I've finally recovered!!!  Back to normal dog blogging soon. ;-)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Nephews visit

My sister and her two sons live a few hours away and don't visit me often. So it was very cool when they came to visit (mostly to go to Lego Fest here in town..but I was a bonus!).
We took my nephews to a local park in Richmond.
The park has a lot of 'local' wildlife' on display as well as statues of local wildlife.  Boone loved the bears and bald eagles.
 It was a beautiful day and the weather was perfect for a walk in the park.  I was happy that my joints have healed up enough to do this type of things again!
 At one point, we stopped to take a family photo and they took Dixon out of the stroller.  We were all distracted by his cuteness and didn't realize the stroller was bouncing down the hill (empty, thank goodness)
But it was a great opportunity for a little sisterly 'devilishness' to come through so I just photographed her running after the runaway stroller that had NO intention of stopping.
 It was eventually caught and Dixon was placed happily back in his nest.
 All in all it was a great afternoon!  We were having carpeting installed in the house, so they didn't get to come see the fur kids.  But I have a feeling the boys will love Roxi and Cody quite a bit!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beach Bound Hounds 2014 and 9 Month ampuversary

Kristen and I packed up and headed to Beach Bound Hounds again this year (5th year). We love this event. This is the first year I haven't taken Dana. She is too old now and it is a very active vacation. But Cali and Cody stepped up to the plate and had a great time!!!
This is Cali's 5th year but this year she had a few 'disabilities'. But she handled it like a champ!!!  
 She's such a beach bum
 She would lay right down and snooze the whole time
 Cali's oncologist wanted me to take a lot of photos of her while we were there..I was happy to oblige!
 this was Cody's first year and he did so well! And he got a new fancy martingale and a new coat!  He looks super handsome!
 Kristen too Kelli and Stan.
 We basically spent 3 days doing this. The weather wasn't great for sunbathing but it was perfect for having dogs on the beach. 
 The last morning was the first morning we had a great sunrise.  The whole group gathers for a group roo before everyone heads out.
 These two did such a great job at Beach Bound Hounds and I am very lucky to have them both!!!
 It also cannot go without saying that Cali celebrates her NINE month ampuversary on Tuesday (10/7).  We took her for her checkup prior to going to the beach to ensure she was 'cleared' for the trip.  Her Xrays were clear and her oncologist gave her a two thumbs up!  fingers crossed for many more of these reports.