Sunday, September 23, 2012

The weather has improved

I love this time of year.  The fall colors, weather and events are worth the long, hot, humid summer days.
We kept the Park kids for a couple of days.  It definitely limits the available couch space!  We thought 13 feet of couch would be enough..haha.  You can see Beau and Belle on both sides.
Occasionally, there would not be enough couch space for Stella. So she would just make due..luckily Cali is VERY tolerant!!!!
Beau and Belle show off their funky ears. 
Belle is patiently waiting for her daddy and new mommy to return from their honeymoon.
Stella shows why she was not a great racer..she has to run and pound her front legs on the ground for full effect!
 But she is so pretty!
 Parker shows the latest movement in his teeth.  He now has two teeth permanently showing him character!!
 The Park kids went home to a newly carpeted house.
Since Jason had a rough August, we really didn't get a chance to celebrate his birthday.  The weather was fantastic on Saturday, so we put the top down and took off to Charlottesville to do what we do best.
We have never been to a cidery before, so we stopped at Castle Hill. I was actually surprised. I expected sweet and it wasn't.  I will definitely not automatically knock off the Cider makers in the future.
 They actually use this clay pot that has some weird name with too many consonants in it to ferment one of their ciders.  They actually bury this in the ground (in that roped off area) and let it do it's thing below the frost line for 6 months.
 We then stopped at Keswick winery. They have really good wines but I couldn't remember ever going to the actual winery (only tasted at festivals). They have a very nice location.  The swans lumbering through the vines gave it a nice touch..
 Then we went to our favorite restaurant, Ten Sushi.  Basically, the best sushi ever.  Jason likes to get creative when we have a wait time at the bar.  His new hat and his favorite Scotch.
 This pretty much sums up our day!
 Kristen and I leave for Beach Bound Hounds in 3 days.  Sand, sun and greyhounds all in one place.
Oh and I almost forgot..JRG needed a video for a submission to get accepted to an event. So now we have a new promotional video.  It was my first attempt..not too bad, huh?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Some fun

Jason is still in Charlotte, so I am home playing with the kids and holding down the fort.  Our neighbor, Scott, left to get married and go on his honeymoon.  So we have enjoyed having Beau and Belle for a while.  They infuse a bit of young blood in to the old (and currently sad) pack. 
Beau doesn't get off his bed often, but he had some fun this week outside.
 Belle is definitely the more active one and 'requires' an evening romp.  She and Henry used to tear up the lawn when they were over.  But Beau stepped up and filled in his shoes.
 Crazy eyes!
 Are you still back there?
This place is a lot of fun!

Cali prefers playing with toys in the climate controlled atmosphere with a soft carpet under her feet...
 We went to Kristen's house for a bit and hung out there.  I had to laugh that we started a group roo (with 10 dogs) and Cali and Jaime roo'd from the couch.  Lazy..
 And I have Petey for the weekend. I had to laugh last night..we were laying on the couch watching a movie and this was my view under the blanket.  Two black and tan butts snuggling under the blanket with me..too cute.
 Jason comes homes this weekend which will be nice..he has been gone a lot this summer.  It will be good to get back to our new normal and do some fun stuff.