Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Who's your daddy?

My curiosity got the better of me.  With Shiloh, I could pretty much tell what she was 'made of' even though I'm sure there were many others involved.  With Roxi..I just couldn't put my finger on it.  The scientist in me had to know.  I used one of the standard DNA testing kits that I know are only so reliable but it would be fun.
I got her results back!
One parent was a Brittany Spaniel/Old English Sheepdog cross.  This parent seems pretty clear cut..grand and great grand parents are either Brittany or OES.  Now I see the Brittany now that it has been brought up.
I've always wondered..what gave her that bay.  She has the weirdest and highest pitched 'roo' and I couldn't find a video from a hound dog that was that high.
Until I search Brittany spaniels. 
One day I will get a video of Roxi doing this...I don't know why I haven't yet.
There is some resemblance.  I don't see the OES..but when they are shaved they look like a 'standard' dog so it could be there.
The other side of her genetic make up was a "highly mixed dog" which extended back through her grandparents. But this dog was made up of Harrier Hound, a few different types of shepherds and a small corgi like breed.  
so the moral of this story...if it looks like  a mutt and sounds like a likely is a mutt.  But we love our Brittany/OES/Hound/Shepherd mutt. 
Happy New Year!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Holiday travels 2014

 As usual, we packed up everyone and headed out for the holiday.  We started in Charlotte, North Carolina with Jason's family.  Alexzander. Jason's sister's first child, was born a week earlier and seemed to enjoy his first Christmas.
 We then drove to Roanoke, Virginia to spend a few days with my family.  After a few days of subdivision leash walking, the dogs were happy to have a bit of off leash time in the paddock.
 I don't think the miniature horses appreciated as Roxi continuously barked at them. But it rained..a lot. so we spent most days inside by the Christmas tree.  Roxi was not thrilled about this.
 but she caught up on some sleep.
 Truflz is becoming an old man.  he is still funny looking.
 This was Cody's first Christmas with us as well but he wasn't terribly thrilled with the costumes. But I think it makes him look quite handsome.
Cali wondered why I was crawling around on the floor so much..
 But finally let me take the photos I wanted.
 I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We are happy to be home with a fenced in yard and king size bed.  But it was great seeing everyone and spending time with family.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Time to be thankful

Cali started not eating well over the last few weeks.  It had us concerned so, after consulting with her oncologist, we bumped up her 1 year check up a few weeks.  We took her in this week for a full work up; X-rays and bloodwork.
To our extreme relief, her X-rays were completely clear and her bloodwork is normal.  She is just getting picky in her old age. 
So we are going to celebrate a lot this holiday season.  She is officially one year post-amputation on January 7th.  But we are going to have a big party for  her on December 31st (just for her...sure it is!). 
She seems to be taking this news well.
 We are starting her on 'metronomic Chemotherapy' which is basically a REALLY low dose chemotherapy given orally every day to 'tick' at the cancer that may exist.  Our next goal..her birthday March 17th when she will be 12.
 We leave for our annual whirl wind holiday family visiting next weekend. It will be Cody's first time meeting the mini horses.  Should be entertaining.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fall Days

Roxi has come a long way in the 6 months we've had her.  Her coat is shiny, her eyes are bright and she is just a happy girl.  It is fun to watch her bounce around.
 Cali is also doing really well.  Tomorrow is her 11 month ampuversayr and she is still loves to play. 
 This photo cracks me up (and I promise we've never had a scratch from this play..and i'm RIGHT there the whole time. )
 She seems to do a fine job of injuring herself and doesn't need help from other dogs.  She whacked her knee jumping on our bed one morning and gashed it pretty good.  But it didn't stop her from running and playing
 I wish I'd caught this from the other side!
 Cali takes a break and Cody is on 'chase Roxi' duty.
 Oops...the Paparazzi has been busted.