Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crazy days of winter

What a winter! I feel like I am back in the 'snow belt' where I went to college. We received ANOTHER snow this weekend. This time, no one got stranded at our house. I have a minor cold so I have been pretty home bound.
This was the view on Saturday outsideand insideThe snow finally stopped late Saturday night. we were left with a difficult exit..and a solid 16 inches of snow (this was average..some were higher some were lower)And of course, the dogs enjoyed the snow...well maybe not ALL the dogs..Shiloh likes to eat the snow

Dana cautiously surveys the land for a place to pooAnd the next few photos..I like to call.. Cali is crazy and loves the snow a whole bunch.Then Henry joins the fun

For some reason, Cali liked rubbing her face in the snow this time. it reminded me of the 'sand incident' at Beach Bound Hounds a few months ago.It is a good thing she is so darn cute

This might last a few days. And once I am well, I will take more photos. Stay warm!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Roo

Our Dana Roo Roo Pantz turns 9 on Monday. She will celebrate with a new toy (with the crinkly paper that she adores) and a new sterilized bone just for her. She is our special Dana..from the moment we first met 4 years ago
you became our Dancin' Dana.
Happy Birthday, Dana!!!We are also watching Jackson this weekend. he is a funny boy. He enjoys some sunshine.While the 'geriatrics' playThen Jackson and Cali want in on the fun..Throw the ball, LADDYYYY!!!Queen bee wins again...
To the victor goes the spoils..
We had 9 dogs arrive on Saturday..always a fun time. check out the photos on the GPA blog linked on the right!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kristen!

First..I must touch on the fact that SOME people's greyhounds seem to snuggle much more than others. I wanted to set the record straight that my dogs snuggle...In their own way..weird way...they even kiss on occasion..
Henry says this is what he thinks of snuggling.
but enough of that. On to Kristen's birthday festivities! 'Cuz you know we didn't just have cake and ice cream!!!
We went to Washington DC (yes, that is two hours away for dinner) to eat dinner at Marakesh!
it was a load of us..
Kristen and Gyeongher dadScott and Iva (of Beau and Belle fame)and Doreen, Allen and MeganIt was a really neat experience..we first had to wash our hands.
B/c we were going to eat everything with our handsKristen got a cool certificate that said something we couldn't readAnd we each got to sign the back..after a few bottles of wine I hope i wasn't too sappy!
And we even got to have a photograph with the host
and I must not forget...the entertainment. Every few hours (and the entire meal took 5 hours), a table was put in the middle of the restaurant and we were treated to about 20-30 minutes of belly dancing!
All in all it was a great experience. The food was OK, the wine was Ok, the experience was unforgettable and the company was superb! Happy Birthday to my bestest friend ever!