Thursday, April 28, 2016

I'm famous

OK...not quite. But a blogger in Yorkshire, England stumbled across my blog and contacted me.  He loved my action shots and was doing a piece on 'bitey face' with his lurchers. 2 minutes of fame

Anyone attending Greyhounds in Gettysburg, Stop by the Virginia Greyhound Adoption booth and say hi!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Roxi and Lizzie are definitely besties.  Which is great..they definitely need each other for energy release!
 Roxi loves to sling herself on to the ground..
 Which leads to her looking like this the majority of the time!  She's a pig dog. ;-)
Lizzie will occasionally "turn it on" and run too fast for Roxi..which leads to Roxi getting frustrating and barking at her.  This is Lizzie trying to be slow..
"you still back there, little dog?"
It is amazing how much lean they get in the corners..
 Best friends.
 If any greyhound person is going Greyhounds In Gettysburg this week, please stop by the Virginia greyhound Adoption booth (near Houndstown) and say hi!!! 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Friends come to visit

We had our friend's dogs for a long weekend and they are very photogenic.  Bob just adopted Duff recently so he is new 'photo material' and he is gorgeous.
 His sister is Daisy
 He's not even two yet so he had a short attention span..
 Daisy decided she didn't want Duff to upstage her..
 And I couldn't forget Dobby the whippet.
 This makes me think he is pursing his lips together
 Cora didn't think my focus on them was appropriate..haha