Saturday, October 29, 2011

Purple haze

First a special message to our friends Blueberry, Bunny and Morgan..we have never actually met you but we cried with you upon hearing about the passing of sweet Lilac.  we all celebrated her sweet 16th birthday a short time ago and mentally crossed our fingers that we would all have a fur-kid to reach that great number.  Her passing affected us all.  A heartfelt hug from one of your many blogger families.
After a lot of traveling, we have settled a bit.  We spent one weekend at Saude Creek Winery which has newly opened near New Kent Winery.  it was pretty..the wine was mediocre.

the next weekend we went to Orange County airport to another wine festival with Kristen, Gyeong and Judy. They had skydivers constantly falling from the sky.

We have also been watching a ton of dogs..not sure what the 'reasons' are..but everyone seems to travel in October.  Feeding time can be tricky..but we have mastered getting 10 or more dogs to eat at the same time without sharing or bickering!
 Peppermint is such a cutie
Yuki enjoys a rare nap..
 I like this photo of Shiloh..very typical
Cali enjoys her 'beehive' is 2nd favorite toy with the Pink Poodle trumping all of them.
Dana being super cute

And every year Jason loves to carve pumpkins.  we went to Ashland Berry farm and got a bunch of pumpkins and then ended up getting two in our CSA he hasn't carved them all but these are the first two. Hopefully, we will get them all done today or tomorrow..especially since Halloween is Monday and the neighbors start to talk if you have jack-o-lanterns out for Thanksgiving.
I might have some special visitors shortly...not 100% sure but more to follow.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

San Diego Part Zoo

 So this is post 2 from San Diego..pretty much the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Safari Park (formerly known as the Wildlife Park).  There are a lot of random animal photos, but I was dutifully testing out my new telephoto, so I hope I got some decent shots!  Trust me ..the best will be at the end. And i did get carpel tunnel while working on these ignore the random lack of caps..the pinky finger is bound up in an ace bandage.
First..the San Diego Zoo. We spent about 8 hours here..walking!  But it was worth the trip. What a fantastic zoo..and this is coming from a very picky zoo-goer!
We saw all creatures from the cute and fuzzy..
To the not so cute and fuzzy..
 Super cute and fuzzy (I have determined there are VERY few things cuter than a Koala sleeping)
To the cute but not so fuzzy..
In the enclosure above this miniature hippo were the crazy monkeys..they flipped around and bounced off the hippo's backs!

They had a great elephant enclosure...but you will be INUNDATED with elephant photos in a bit after the Safari all you get from the zoo is the fake on!
 And bears...lots of bears.  The panda
 and the polar bear munching on a carrot..
 When I Was a Young WART HOGGG.....(favorite movie reference)
After a long rest, we rented a car and head north to the Safari Park (about 40 minutes outside of San Diego).  It was well worth the trip!  The enclosures are massive and all the 'prey' are in this huge 'field' that you take a tram around.  Everywhere you look..antelope of all different shapes and sizes!
It was neat that they still practiced 'normal' behaviors b/c the 'predators' were enclosed around this park area..(photos soon).  So notice the 'prey circle' below..all of them are strategically facing another direction. We saw this throughout the park!
Even these little orange ones..AND you would think..hey dumbie..get off the green grass cuz the lion will eat you!  Well, i learned that Big cats can't distinguish the difference between orange and green (they lack one cone) these little guys are perfectly camouflaged.
 The giraffes were my favorite (another orange creature).  they were everywhere.
 This one reminded me of Henry..he was just rubbing his head on the tree..
We saw a few asses they typically do. ;-)
 Just a neat spot..
Once we were done with the tram, we were able to go to the Elephant enclosure.
 Huge enclosure AND a baby had been born the week before!  He was almost as cute as the sleeping Koalas!  230 pound one week old baby!
We watched the elephants for a LONG you blame us?
Three generations..Momma, her calf (1 year old) and the newborn.
They were doing some enrichment so they had hidden treats everywhere.  it was cool to watch them find everything..even without seeing..
At one point, the wobbly baby fell over.  She wallowed there a bit trying to get up..
After a few minutes..momma reached over and gave her a boost.  It was a definite 'aw' moment.
Magical location
So we then embarked to find the rest of the animals. there were far fewer animals here but they were a lot of fun to watch in more realistic habitats.
The gorillas were particularly interesting. This female lounged in the grass just like I do..except I typically do it clothed
 But she had not a care in the world, b/c this guy was keeping a careful watch..never quite scanning his environment.
 There were some great lookout areas.
Then the orangutangs.  They were funny. The big male wanted this burlap sack..and he carried it all the way up to his perch.
And covered himself up with was about to rain!
Then we found the lions...just lying around..on their favorite 4X4?
So cute and cuddly..just want to rub his nose...
 We came across some baby spring bucks playing in a little yard.  These little ones were have a great time!

 The parents were in another enclosure..looking all lovey dovey
 And favorite part of the whole trip..The cheetah run.  At 3:30 every day they run a cheetah down a 100 m track after a lure.  After watching many greyhounds do this, it was time to see the master.
my mom and I stationed ourselves along the rail..and casually noticed the VIP section..hmm..what is that?   Well for a can sit closer AND meet the cheetah. SOLD!
So..this is our VIP cheetah experience.
So she starts down the path...wait. That isn't a cheetah! is Yeti..her companion dog.  Cheetahs are apparently incredibly skiddish and big ninnies.  so they must have a friend do it first.. Yeti has grown up with she trusts her. they go everywhere Yeti runs it first.
Now it is the cheetah's turn. She actually runs the course twice with a long break in between.

 It thought it was cute how they even walked together
And then she came to visit us in this small enclosure. There were only 5 people so we had some great one on one time with her.  She enjoyed her blood popcicle while we learned about cheetahs.
 Just how close were we?  That toe is the lady sitting next to my mom.

 Then we took wasn't easy to get this shot..
 Everytime the cheetah looked any direction remotely close to my mom..she couldn't take her eyes off it it!
 But it gave me some time to try out my new 50mm lens too.  So beautiful!
So we left the Safari park and *surprise* i found a winery..Orfila was pretty good!
and finally we went to Coronada and had dinner looked at San Diego's skyline.  Love the city..had a great time!
 now back to greyhound adventures.