Monday, March 24, 2008

My mom turns 60!

Before I get in to the fact that my mom turned 60 this weekend (I have to say it a million times b/c she hates the fact that everyone harped on the fact she was turning 60!)..I have to introduce Hemi's sister! I got to keep Hemi and Bella last week. Everyone knows and loves Hemi but meet Isabella! She is really sweet and smiles!!! We had a lot of fun with her! She even got a turn on the stack of beds during vacuum time (in the sunshine, no less!)
She has the sweetest face!
Then we went to my parents' house for the weekend. My mom turned 60 if I hadn't mentioned that already. ;-) I don't know if you remember, but my parents were building a sunroom the last time I was there..well it is finished and quite lovely! We spent a lot of time in it! It will be great once the weather warms up and the pool is open!
Mom and I took advantage (on her 60th birthday) of the warm weather and took the mini horses out for a walk. This of course enraged Mac (my sister's thoroughbred). But his ire made for a great photo op!
And I finally got to meet Boone (I have given a lot of blog time to my other neice and nephew..he will get his fair share!) He is much cuter now..and yes I held him. I even carried him around at the party so my mom could show him off while getting hugs and stuff. He was sleeping. ;-)
Don't get any ideas..for some reason this new addition to my family has sent a ripple through everyone that I am next...pfft...he's cute but so are lion cubs and I don't want one of those either! to the festivities. My mom turned 60 and we had a big party for her at a local restaurant. We thought only 30 people were coming..b/c my dad said so. We learned quickly why you don't tend to leave things like details to men...43 people showed up. The restaurant was great..rearranged the room, ignored something called a Fire Code and worked with us! We had a great time! My mom opening gifts..we got her a charm braceletThe cake..for those of you that don't know she drives a Mazda Miata with ToplezSr on the fits. Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Tart turns 5 is Cali's birthday! She turns 5 on St. Patrick's day. This is particularly cool b/c she has that 'mohawk' that I have been TOLD is indicative of Irish decent. So I went back through her pedigree. Sure enough..her momma's side is 100% Irish (starting only a few generations back)and her daddy is Aussie! (Dana is mainly US blood with DISTANT Aus).
Our lives have changed so much since getting her. So happy birthday, sweet, rotten, beligerent, sassy, sweet little girl! Stroll down memory lane with me..will you?
The first weekend we have her..she starts showing us her true colors..

Then..I realize her ultimate goal ..
I got my husband 'another woman' for our anniversary!!!
It is a good thing she is cute..

And sooo pretty!So...on another note. My sister had her baby. Boone Abraham Lynch on Feb 20th...missed my birthday by 6 days. He was a little early so he hadn't fattened up yet. I get to meet him this weekend.
Meet my nephew..For those of you that 'ooh' and 'aah' at these pictures..I honestly don't get it. He is anything baby.

His attempt a being "vogue". He has my fingers and toes..which is justice in my book. My sister made fun of me mercilessly throughout childhood for my 'monkey toes' her kid has them..HAHAHAHA!!

And my favorite so first little brother Tucker and Boone. Tucker is a good boy and is handling this whole baby thing well

He is my nephew and I love him..just can't wait for him to talk and want to play with his cool toys.
thanks for everyone for donating to the greyhounds recently when I sent out the plea. It is nice to see people contribute who don't own greyhounds, are with other groups, in other countries..but the plea goes out and you respond. Things aren't great but they are definitely better b/c of you! Thanks!!!
On the greyhound front..we had another haul come up this past weekend. I helped with it (check out the GPA blog) but didn't bring home a foster. My kids need a break. Selena went to her forever home this weekend as well! Good luck little girl!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Well...February was my birthday in honor of this occasion I tend to have several events. ;-) I had to dive deeply in to 30something with a bang.
We had my 30 closest friends out for a great dinner at Pasta Luna the saturday before my actual birthday. We had a great time! We ate, drank and were merry! (for those of you that missed our wedding in Napa..our theme (i.e. what I had put on a lot of things) was Eat, Drink and Be Married. ;-) CHEESE! are a few shots of my party courtesy of Nerice

Mark and Ferrell pose (my wine glass was empty..HORRORS!!)
Then what does any self respecting greyhound volunteer do on their birthday? A Dog HAUL!! (Gyeong...I know you even went to this level a few years ago) Randomly, we had 6 dogs arrive on a Tuesday..February birthday. So off I went to bathe hounds on my day off..lovin' it all the while! They were all originally fosters but in less than a week all but one have been adopted (more to that ONE later). AND oddly enough, Hemingway's owners (who you have seen frequently on this blog) came to help..fell in LURVE with one little As The Bell Tolls on the spot...took her home...adopted her. Don't you love happy endings? Here is karen giving her future new baby a bath.After a day of meeting the hauler, transporting, batheing, adopting, trimming nails, etc...I came home to my birthday dinner!!! Crab Stuffed Lobster! YUMMY!!!! My hubbie is pretty cool sometimes.And my mom got me an edible was yummy too!On the foster front..Lacey finally got adopted on Saturday! good luck sweet girl!!But don't worry..that doesn't mean I don't have a foster! Remember that one...well a few months ago Pam (works at the adoption kennel in Florida that we farm off of to help her save more hounds from JCKC) asked if GPA would help with the surgery on one little blue girl. Two surgeries later..the surgeons say it was hamburger and they had to basically rod her back together..she was healing. She went to a foster home in Florida untl she was healed. But once she was on her way..I took her in as my foster. She will take a special home but she is doing well here. Meet..Selena!
She is teeny..makes Cali look normal! ;-)
Speaking of normal....Shiloh isn't. I got tired of the undercoat and shaved her down!!! Jason tells her that mommy must hate her for doing this..but you try brushing her! It took a total of 3 1/2 hours..but it is done. She doesn't look too bad....We had a beautiful weather everyone was outside enjoying the sunshine. Cali is finally rid of her coat after 3 weeks...she is almost healed. She still has staples but not for much longer. So she took full advantage of being coatless!All that stretchin' wears a girl out!