Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Tart Turns Ten

Today is Cali's 10th Birthday.  She's had special treats, extra snuggles and everything a diva deserves.  Happy Birthday, sweet girl!  And now..everyone is double digits...
For her birthday...or for St. Patrick's Day...or because it was Saturday, we had Kristen and Gyeong over.  We both had quite a few boarders.  So we had 4 people and 15 dogs.  There are a few missing from this photo.
We had Doc, Dinah, Smokey and Coco this weekend.  So quite the houseful!  And Doc, Dinah and Coco are younger and still like to play.  I call this one Demon Doc
 Smokey joins in
Coco reminded me of Cali..
The season of festivals, vacations and greyhound activities is approaching! Once the weather warms up a bit!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Getting old sucks..

I remember wanting to get older..looking forward to that 'magical' birthday that meant something (driving, drinking..but not together of course).  I definitely make sure and live every day as full as possible..thinking as positively as I can and doing everything now.  So aging for me isn't a big deal..I love life and every minute of it is great.  But watching my dogs age has been hard. 
Two days before my birthday, my heart dog and best friend had a horrible seizure that lasted more than a minute.  I've had Shiloh since 2 days after I graduated college and she was 9 months old.  now she is 15 years and 7 months (we count months now..).  To say we've been through a lot together is an understatement.
The seizure definitely took a toll on her.  For the first 12 hours she was mostly blind and barely able to walk.  We took her to the evet b/c I needed something to calm her.  They gave me Xanax which has helped.  The next day she had regained sight and can walk relatively well. She is very unstable and her right side shows significant weakness.  She still has bouts of manic excitement but not like before Sunday.  The vet says her ataxia may improve if it was just a minor brain bleed..but if it was a tumor or something that didn't will only get worse.
So far she has remained the same.  And she reminds me of the Aunt Bethany in National Lampoon's Christmas vacation.
She seems comfortable most of the time, exceptionally happy a lot of the time and knows who I am some of the time..
So now...I live every minute with her. 
Cali seems to want to spend time with her too..or maybe she was tired of all her attention and wanted to get in the middle..not sure which.
 What will I do....