Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not a cloud in the sky

The weather has improved AND Rainy found a forever home!!!!
She had been accepted by everyone and fit in well..but a great couple came long and she now has a new best friend, DixieGood luck, Rainy..I am very glad I was able to give you a Happy ever after!
And with the improving weather, we have been playing a lot outside. Cali changes the 'toy of choice' often.Henry joins in the fun
Then Daddy plays a bit of tease with her..but don't worry..he threw it plenty for her to fetch..
"do you want it?"But the tart did well recently. Two years ago, we pass the Delta Society's therapy dog evaluation test one point shy of perfect. The test involves 20+ 'tests' that she has to pass (missing more than 2 is overall failure), with a 1 (good) or 2 (perfect). We had to do the re-evaluation this month to certify again..and she passed with a perfect score. As Nerice said "Overachiever". I am proud of the little tart we have a new ID badge photo
Come out to the Pet Expo if you are in the Richmond area this weekend! Lots of fun! James River Greyhounds and Houndstown will have a booth!