Saturday, May 19, 2012

Grapehounds 2012

Things are moving onward..and a little upward. Jason's mom showed significant improvement after 2 rounds of chemo so they are starting radiation.  My uncle is at home and comfortable.  Henry has recovered from this surgery and seems to be doing OK.  Shiloh is eating today..who knows about tomorrow.  But whatever she'll eat..we are feeding her. 
So on the high note, we packed up all three greyhounds and heading north to Grapehounds-Virginia.  We went up for the day 2 years ago and missed the event last year due to our Italy trip.  So this year we made a weekend of it!! 
We made slow progress on the way up since we stopped at quite a few wineries en route.  Bob with Doc and Dinah and Beth and Mark with Zach and Brett made up the full caravan.
First stop was a very dog friendly winery, Hartwood..I highly recommend.
We stopped at Mediterranean and Pearmund as well, but they didn't allow dogs so they didn't get photos.  :P
We finally arrived at the Grapehounds stomping grounds for Friday night. North Gate winery! Where there tons of greyhounds and people.
We found a patch of earth, spread out our blankets and settled in (you will notice our missing counterparts...they were detained and will join us tomorrow!)
 After a day of traveling, Cali and Jason have a moment
 I thought these were cute of Dana..they kind of catch her personality and her white whiskers!!

 This was Henry's first overnight trip. Cali and Dana are old hats at hotel living and winery hopping. But Henry is new to it.  So he wore out easily!
 The next day we awoke refreshed and were finally joined by our ever faithful winery hopping companions (notice Cali has chosen a new lap to use)!!  AFter some vending and relaxing at Lost Creek, we headed off to hit more wineries with a larger caravan.
 We stopped at Quattro Goomba where they had a great outdoor dining area with pizza.  So we pulled a bunch of tables together and ..well basically same positions, different winery.
 We hit a few more wineries that day and then had a lovely dinner at Lightfoot in Leesburg.  On Sunday, we headed home with three very tired greyhounds.  Henry did well on his first overnight camp.  He was VERY happy to be home however!