Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tripawd in the snow

Cali has always loved the snow.  I was hoping today would be no different. She had her first chemo on  Monday and wasn't very hungry this morning.  But we gave her a anti-nausea pill and waited a bit.  The snow won her over. 
 She came in and ate all her breakfast. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Dana turned 13 on Saturday.  She is our first greyhound and quite the funny girl.  At this point, she is doing really well except a few instances of stiff back legs.  Kristen made her a cake, so I'm sure Gyeong will post photos of that on his blog eventually. 
Happy 13th birthday, Dana Roo Roo!

Cali is doing exceptionally well. We think she is 99% back to normal which is amazing 2 1/2 weeks post op.  She gets her first chemotherapy treatment on Monday. Greytblackdog posted about her treatment regimen for Seka and I've adapted a few things from her as well. Cali also takes Immunity4Pets in hopes it will help her immune system and help the chemotherapy work better.  It can't hurt.  She also gets Krill Oil and vitamin D.  Once chemo is done, I will put her on Vitamin E and C, but for now that would hinder the chemo.  We told all this to her oncologist so we know everything is ok for her to take.  At this point, she is only on Rimadyl for pain and it is just to help her other joints feel ok.  she is on no other pain meds, which is fantastic and the 'point' behind amputation.  Pain free time for as long as we can give it.  The only thing we've noticed over the last week is that she seems to be experiencing some phantom pain, but warm compresses and massages are hopefully helping.  That is supposed to subside with time.  it is fleeting and not constant, luckily.
The Parks and the Stumpfs are heading to New Orleans this week to celebrate Kristen's birthday in style...stay tuned.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cali- Week 2

I have to admit...Greytblackdog has it right.  She wasn't able to amputate due to Seka's hip issues, but we are going through similar situations.  And I went through exactly what she is with Henry.  Cancer sucks.  since the last post, it has been a roller coaster of emotions.  For all of us.  Every dog recovers differently. Cali has been remarkable at how well she has recovered. But that isnt' to say it was a bed of roses. But for about 5 days, it was hard.  She was in desperate pain, struggling to come relearn how to walk and not able to do the things she loves.  She got depressed and so did we.  But on day 6, there was a turn around.  Whether the nerves finally healed or she finally 'came to terms'..but from that point forward we started seeing glimmers of Cali each day.  We also decided to give her some of her independence back and let her do the stairs with help and get on the couch.  Getting her independence back helped a lot.  As I type, she is curled on the couch beside of me with her head in my lap..the normal Sunday morning blog position. 
We kept the red 'sock' on her to keep her from licking and to protect the incision.  She thinks the benefit of 3 legs..tighter greyhound ball
 Costco sells 'snuggle' beds and my girls LOVE them.  I have two now and they are definitely prime real estate.  Cali ate and drank in her bed for about the first 3 days, after that she would go to her bowl for meals but we kept a water bowl near her at all times.  We've now graduated to all bowls where the belong.
Of course, Dana prefers the 'premium soft/double bed' spot which was made for the first few nights when Cali slept downstairs and Jason slept on the couch. Of course, that was the idea. Cali would try to go upstairs every night, so we just carried up her. But a rare photo of my three girls.
 About day 8 or 9, she started to feel well enough to lick the bottom of the incision. So we fastened a piece of vetwrap inside the sock with safety pins.  This worked until about day 11.  Her nose is healing up well, I suppose she will now have a pink nose...but in the grand scheme of things that isn't something we are worried about.  She says you can be beautiful with scars.
Each day we had progress. Since the day of surgery, I said that the day she carried a toy out to potty will be a celebratory day.  I had no idea it would happen on day 10.
 Dana has relaxed over the days too..Cali as always been her rock and she was a bit flustered for a few days.  She will be all good by her birthday next Saturday.
This past Saturday, Cali went to her first event...12 days post op ! I was worried about taking her, but we only went for an hour, she laid down 90% of that time and it was good to show her all car rides don't end at the vet.  We sewed up her favorite sweater and off she went. 
There was even a small girl with an amputated arm who came up to her, BEAMING.  Her mother said "Look..she has no arm like you" and the little girl showed me her arm and touched Cali..and just smiled.  She's still got it. ;-)
And a parting shot of Cali today.  She is 'sock' free and we put th emuzzle on her at night or when we are gone so she wont' lick.  The staples come out tomorrow and I think a lot of the pain/discomfort will subside with that. She is on minimal pain meds now.  we consult with the oncologists tomorrow too..I suppose chemo will start in a few weeks.

 And a video of Cali in the yard on Friday (day 11).  There was a 'traffic' jamon the steps so it gets a little fuzzy at the end.  But she is a trooper.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Cali update

A deaf and demented mutt, a 13 year old wobbly greyhound and a 3 legged greyhound with cancer walk in to a bar....

too soon?

All jokes aside (and honestly...if we don't joke, we sob)...Cali is 3 days post amputation.  If it seemed was.  She went in for an orthopedic consult after a year of limping that has gotten worse.  When we took her in the limping was constant and she would cry out if she hit it wrong. Two vets had taken multiple Xrays over the past year and noted no changes. The orthopedic surgeon also noted no changes and only something 'suspicious' that hadn't changed.  We did a CT scan which showed a massive degradation to the proximal humerus consistent with osteosarcoma.  it was such a shock but we really had few options, so we chose to amputate while she was under anesthesia.  Her lungs were clear.  For those non-greyhound readers, this just bought us more isn't a cure.  We start chemo in 3-4 weeks.
But for now..she is eating VERY well (and tolerates the "pea cold compress")
And is getting a lot of attention from us both. She is a special girl and she has convinced many people to adopt a greyhound. The orange sock will stay on for a while...the swelling and bruising have increased quite a bit but that is all normal (so I'm assured)
 I think she knows everyone is pulling for her.  (*notice her raw nose..she decided to throw a tantrum pre-CT scan in the run and got her nose all scraped up...)
 Not to be overshadowed..Shiloh enjoys her breakfast of scrambled eggs and ham...what could be bad with that?
 Dana's 13th birthday is coming up.  I will update in a few days with Cali's progress.  Thank you to everyone for their support. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Twists and turns

Cali was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her right front leg..she has been limping for a while now but hte Xrays didn't show anything.  A CT scan proved what we were worried about all along..her lungs are clear.  We proceeded with an immediate amputation..she should be out of surgery shortly. I will post more this weekend with her updates. 

Stay Strong, Cali are special in every way.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Holiday Fun

 Another year and another holiday season on the books.  We packed up the three girls and a ton of presents and headed to my parents house and then Jason's dad's house.  Dante was missed as he usually got in a lot of trouble through the holidays (when you can fit under the tree...there is a lot of trouble to be had).
My nephew, Boone, is 5 and loves Legos and video games.  Guess who else loves Legos, video games and ACTS like he is 5?
 Boone's 30 minute a day iPad limit was ignored while Uncle Jason was there...
And speaking of nephews...I have a new one!  My sister adopted a baby in September.  He was born at 25 weeks and weighed 1 pound 6 oz.  After months in the NICU, he finally came home before Christmas.  So meet my new nephew..Dixon Theodore
He is still on oxygen but now weighs over 6 pounds
 My mom and I managed to get a decent photo of ourselves..
 Of course, the outtake is better...haha
And a blog wouldn't be complete without a photo of my girls. 
For some reason, I didn't take any photos at Jason's dad's house...but we finally made it home and the dogs (and I) were happy to see the fenced yard. 
2014 is here and I suppose we are ready for it.  We have some fun things planned and I'm hoping to start fostering again. And I am going to try to comment more on blogs..I do read them but keep forgetting to comment!
Happy New Year to all my blogger friends.. Here's to 2014!