Friday, May 17, 2013

Hug them

We often talk about 'phases' in life.  When I graduated college, EVERYONE was getting married.  I had a closet full of bridesmaid dresses.  Then everyone was having babies..seemingly at the same time.  Then suddenly I knew a bunch of people getting a divorce. It is just the age and the phase we happen to be in.  And it seems, I am now in the phase that I've been in greyhound adoption for long enough to start seeing important hounds pass away.  We seem to be in a phase.
So hugs to the families who have lost these hounds over the last few months.  There are more but these specific hounds I had a hand in adopting through fostering or boarded often..and they will be missed.
These are all old photos.. of my first fosters and first home visits..her family will miss her terribly
 Maggie's "Brother" Booyah and Lulu..I fostered them at the same time and had this photo of them laying together.  Petey still misses his greyhound sister.  And Booyah was a special boy.
 Macy..I boarded her a lot and she was a great girl
And Truman..I took this photo while boarding him..he and Henry almost blended.  Another photo of two hounds that will be missed dearly...
I'm ready for this phase to be over.  My "god children" are also having a rough go (check out Gyeong's blog for updates).  And with my senior pack I know only hard days are ahead but seriously..the divorce phase was better than this one...
But I don't want this to be a downer a few photos to prove we are still having fun (we didn't take dogs to GiG so I didn't take photos. I helped Kristen with the VAGA vending it was a working weekend and we missed Grapehounds b/c Dante wasn't doing well, the Parks were having medical issues and it just didn't seem like the right time).
We boarded Doc and Dinah for a few days and it reminded me of the fun of young dogs!
 Doc is super handsome..
 And let's see..Beau, SHane, Dana, Sooie, Belle, Cali, Dante, Shiloh and's a hounds life!!!