Friday, January 30, 2009

update on me!

Mommy has been very sick these past few days. I have been giving her lots of dinner time..and snuggling with her ..when I want a make her feel better..and feed me. She hasn't been up for I took this opportunity to talk about my favorite subject ..ME! Before I get in to my werking days (I was told I didn't spell it correctly in my first post. Pfft..I knew that!) I wanted to make a one complain about MY drippy nose any longer. I have one little drop hanging off my nose and everyone points and laughs (or takes a picture). After seeing what can come out of YOUR nose when you are about gross!
Anyway..I have been werking a lot these past few months. I go with mommy to work a few days a month. We are still seeing the "Vets" but now I know that doesn't mean the person that sticks things up my bum...mommy says they 'are in the miwitary'. Daddy was in the he is a vet, too! So now I am even MORE excited to see them.

Let's recap. I get to lay in mommy's office on a pillow while we wait to go visit the 'vets'.I love walking around the hospital with my vest on..everyone tells me how beautiful I am and stuff..I never get tired of hearing that! I am much more comfortable in the magic box now..I understand it is a transportation thing like a car. I am still getting used to that weird thing on wheels that moves around the halls and talks..mommy says it is a 'robot' that delivers stuff around the hospital..I call it creepy and I think it wants to eat me.
At christmas..Mommy made me wear this stupid hat..she said Daddy didnt' know..I told him..he said he was sorry Mommy made me wear it. I really enjoy visiting the places where all the people come to a room to see me. I am not as happy going in to their rooms individually. But I am getting used to the smells and trying to find their hands under all the covers.
My favorite was one day we went to a big room and all these men were there who reminded me of Daddy! They were young and played with me a lot..they even gave me a squeaky toy! Mommy said that Daddy was in a place like this for a while when he got hurt in the miwitary. I am glad he isn't in that place any more..but if he were..I would come cheer him up b/c I am allowed too and Dana and shiloh and dante aren't..cuz I am special. :P
I really have a good time visiting the hospital...but it sure does wear a little girl outI am sure Mommy will be back to blogging and photographing my gorgeous self in no time. But for now..tata

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dana!!!

Happy 8th Birthday, Dana! Today my rooing girl turns 8 and enters 'senior-dom'.
From the first day we got her 3 years ago,
and her first meal at home

Miss Dana stole our hearts and wiggled her way in to our lives.

We call her Dana Roo Roo pants but sometimes she resembles Eeyore a little more. But we love her through all her quirks.

She loves to roo and dance

Dana, How are you going to spend your birthday?Happy Birthday, Dana!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Did you see that?

I don't know if you were paying attention on Saturday afternoon..but if you had looked to the sky you might have noticed a few pigs flying about. And that shudder you felt ...hell freezing over. But not to was only fleeting and left no ill after effects..I just threw a baby shower for my oldest and dearest friend, Jenni. It was a lot of estrogen for one room..but we all had fun and my 'fur kids' got a lot of attention.
Nerice made a beautiful cake as always!
And cookies too!
We covered my house in pink, yellow and purple-ness...
And Jason and Laura made some wonderful appetizers
After enjoying some yummy food, we got to the actual point of a baby shower..the LOOT! Which I found this particular loot..although very useful and necessary to the 'pregnant lady of the hour'..not nearly as much fun as bridal shower or birthday presents. (I love you, Jenni!!!!!)
The funniest part of these photos..if you look in the background..Jason is thoroughly engrossed in his World of Warcraft and talking to 'mission control'. He didn't even notice the 'oohing' and 'ahhing' over things I didn't understand but made my 'parts' hurt.The dogs were part of the whole thing..most people were very willing to sit on dog beds and snuggle with Cali and Dana. Shiloh stayed in the chaise the whole time. But Dante..he has an affinity to all things soft and fluffy..aka all baby stuff. So he was in tune to what was being opening. Luckily, Aunt Kristen knows his tricks and kept a steady vigil over the pink elephant and fuzzy blankets.
But he became wise to these antics and went to the source. Jenni opened a stuffed bear and it was ON!I had to laugh at this photo. Our kids are so used to parties and lots of commotion..but Dana was distressed that no one brought her a friend. So she did the ostrich in the sand thing ..which freaked KC out!So enough about girly stuff! Let's show some photos of dogs! ;-)
We still have KC, she is getting adopted on Friday. But we had a minor scare with her last week. She started throwing up and not feeling well. A day at the vet revealed some 'bone shards' in her intestines..a remnant from track life I suppose? But she is on 5-6 small meals of special gold food (same gold food as shiloh!) while everything works its way through. She is doing great now though!Cali loves her stuffed dogI know this photos has some bad lighting..I am still working on it. But I thought it was a good shot of my two girls.Shiloh is doing so much better on her new food and late night meal. She has her old spunk back and is playing with the hounds again!and the rare shot of all my fur kids together. It doesn't happen often..aren't they cute!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Confessions on Ice

A few minor confessions.
I am now a full fledged member of Facebook. I always poo-poo'd the idea and felt the whole myspace generation did not include me. But who knew it could be as entertaining as it has become. So if anyone else is a closet Facebooker or even if you are out..feel free to hit me up as a friend (Katrina Stumpf, for those who don't actually know me). that that is off my chest.
Another confession is that about 6 months ago we were interviewed for an Owner Spotlight article in Subaru's Drive magazine. This is a magazine all Subaru owners get after purchasing their new car. So it is a pretty big publication in a subset of the country. We then had a professional photographer take us on a photo shoot in Bryan Park last October. I have been holding on to these photos until the article came out in this month's issue (click on Owner Spotlight) (as of today..Subaru has not updated their website with the current issue..see below for photos!). Along with in the magazine, these are the other photos they gave us. The photo shoot was quite demanding..3 hours of walking, standing, smiling...we were exhausted.
I hope greyhounds across the country benefit from this article. If it convinces a few Subaru owners to adopt a greyhound, it was well worth the time and effort. And maybe it will even convince a greyhound owner or two to purchase a Subaru.
On the greyhound front, we did a haul on Tuesday (I know, crazy) so at 5AM the back of my car looked like this:
But I got a foster, KNC Blue Ice, a very sweet and 'wiggly' blue brindle girl. She has been the easiest foster..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunbeams rule

First..I was tagged by Scott to post the 6th photo in the 6th file of photos on my computer. Well..sadly you aren't getting anything is a photo I have already posted. BORING!
Randy and Andy who gave us a lovely carriage ride around New Kent Winery this past summer while sipping wine and eating cheese. It was a lovely day.
So now to carry on the tradition..I tag Constant Animal House, Nerice's Nook, Planet Jabberwocky and Ridlon Tails.
Some random shots from my weekend. There was this sunbeam..and everyone was chasing it. We had Nerice's two Dolly and Diego along with Lulu. So we ended up moving a dog bed to the kitchen floor so the sunbeam could be properly enjoyed. Cali giving her 'come hither' look
Then Diego the whippet got a turnNow, Lulu liked this spot too...but the camera would come out and scare her off. But she was drooling over Diego's current position on the bed..I caught her. The illusive and rarely captured on film...LULUAnd what happens when we have TWO under the covers dogs who like to lay on the recliner with me. The spot to the side was where I WAS before jumping up to take the photo. We were all snugglingAnd I leave you with this ...When one sticks one's nose in all corners, crevices and alcoves..occasionally one gets things stuck to one's nose...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Even though our New Year's Eve plans were 'calmer' than past years, I still ended up spending New Year's Day down for the count on the couch. Something about New Year's eve...
So Kristen and Gyeong come down with their 4 dogs, 2 boarders and a foster.
We have a little play time outsidePippi and Cali seemed to want to play a little too rough so they were muzzled but that didn't stop Cali from picking up her favorite toy!And it wasn't long before 'the fun police' joined in the muzzle gang!We went to Zed's Cafe for their 7 course meal for New Year's Eve..7 courses and I think 5 bottles of wine. But..for those of you who are worried..we thought ahead and had a cab take us and come back for us. After dinner we went home for some Rock BandAnd Dance Dance RevolutionThose are all the photos I had for the night..the others didn't come out so well. We had fun and brought in 2009 with style..well...our style anyway!
Fast forward a few hours..not so much fun..but oh well. Kristen and Gyeong went to G's mom's house for their New Year's Day festivities so we watched their pack. I was on the couch all day but managed to get up to snap a few shots.
Black dogs snag the comfy chairs
The next shot is a little dark..but stinking cuteParker's glamour shotThe greyhounds were sleeping off the New Year's eve festivities too..let's see by the door is Pippi, then Dora, Cali, Stella, Dana, Jaime, Stanley with parker and Shiloh on the chair. Missing would be Zoe and Dante. And yes, there were more beds..just not more beds in the sunbeam!Cali wanted attention from her daddy who was playing his new gameJaime looking beautifulAnd I will end up a quick update on Shiloh. She had been getting sick lately and acting funny. She is 11 so I get paranoid. We went ot the vet and she had a full work up. Everything was relatively normal so they figure she has a sensitive tummy..odd that my mutt has a sensitive tummy but now she is on pepcid and a special diet that i swear must have gold chips in it due to the price. But she can't have any treats for a while.Happy New Year!