Monday, September 27, 2010

Beach Bound Hounds 2010

Kristen and I just returned from another great year at Beach Bound Hounds in Myrtle Beach, SC. We had great weather! But let the photos speak for themselves!!!
Before we leave, Jason has a snuggle fest with Dana.the first morningStanley, Jaime, Dana and Cali enjoy the hotel room.We head out to the beach to enjoy some cooler morning temps. Stanley surveys the landDana watches the waves roll inAnd Cali lays down as any Diva would.Kristen and I do not attend this event for the seminars or educational material. We attend to lay on the beach with our dogs. BUT this year..we were able to attend a seminar ON the beach and it was awesome!
He looks pretty cute..huh?Brace for impact.

The face off begins a second time

Cali wonders why he is so angry (yes..we were this close and this all happened with about 30 greyhounds and people standing around..they were crazy trained)
And they made sure the dogs weren't just attacked the suit.
Then let him at it again.
he almost went down on this attack, which I don't think would have been a good move.
then this guy drew the short stick and had to wear the 'normal clothes' bite suit so that the dogs wouldn't only want to attack guys in down jackets.then we hung on the beach with the dogs for a whileDana slept on her nose and Jaime slept on Cali for a whileThen we went to dinner at Barefoot Landing. we caused quite a stir.The next morning was just as beautifulMore beach timeWe also saw quite a few (at least 5) weddings in front of our hotel. It was odd for a few it was easily 90 degrees and BAKING hot on the sand. Two..that path through the sea grass was the exact path 300 greyhounds took every morning/night when they HAD to most made it to that point. Since liquid doesn't 'pick up well' just accumulated. And stunk. That ONE place..every other path you see was fine. A day to remember...
That night we had a gorgeous harvest moonand had pizza delivered to the hotel deck by the ocean. We moved the deck chairs to form a 'corral' and had 13 greyhounds and a whippet (Cali, Dana, Stanley, Jaime, Tempest, Sidney, Dolly, Diego, Ally, Sandy, Maggie, Booyah, Cueball and Pippi)The final morning everyone gathers for a morning blessing. We watched from the balcony. It was a great trip.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fast Carz

New Kent Winery hosted the Classics on the Green event this year and the theme was Porsche. So you bet we were there (for those of you who haven't been on this planet for the last year, Jason is working towards the purchase of a Porsche in the near future). I love cars as well but admit I went for the wine!For once, Jason took control of the camera. Kristen, Gyeong, Bob, my mom, dad and I start the oogling.Now Henry is fast..But this bad boy is my dream car..(see how the sky opened up and shone light down on the crown jewel?)I wonder if they would notice if I took it for a quick spin...There were TONS of cars there..hundreds. A large proportion were Porsches of various years.There were old cars..
and new Jason's dream car.
Now THAT is a booty....Tomorrow AM we leave for Beach Bound Hounds. Stay tuned!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Picnics and showers

The cooler weather (cooler being upper 80s as opposed to 100s) led to some fun outdoor events. Kristen, Gyeong, Jason and I headed to Charlottesville for a day of wine tasting. We started at Blenheim where we had some great wine and enjoyed a picnic on their deck.The weather was perfect for a picnic
We headed to Sugarleaf which was down a very long gravel road, turns out it would have been a better idea to put the convertible in the lead on this road!Then I hosted a bridal shower for my good friend Laura. It was a lot of fun..she is a Hokie so everything was Virginia Tech themed. Thankfully, Nerice is an excellent baker!!Of course, no matter how much room you have or how nice it is outside, the party always ends up in the kitchen.Everyone asked if Henry was stuffed b/c the entire party..20 people milling around for 3 hours..he never movedThat night Houndstown (Chris and Stacy) stayed at the house so we had a impromptu greyhound party including 13 dogs..but for some reason I didnt' get any photos..oops. The next day we attended our annual James River Greyhounds picnic! It was a lot of fun! We had a lot of events and games, but I only got photos of the radar run. Dana sort of jogged down the lane and stopped to smell the clover half way down.Henry decided he didn't want to run down that orange scary stuff and stayed with Daddy. But Cali showed them all how it was done, sprinting down the lane at 27mph.But Dana is still pretty cute.all this activity that weekend led to some extremely tired greyhounds. Cali snoozed the last half of the picnic...Sometimes Cali gets a little too relaxed...Gumby dog...
Kristen, Cali, Dana, Jaimie, Stella and I are Beach Bound Hound bound next week. Myrtle Beach or bust!!!