Wednesday, April 17, 2013


A lot of things have been going on so I am a little late with the newest addition to our, it isn't another greyhound!
Long ago..we were members of another cult.  I detailed it back in 2007..feels like a lifetime ago!  But I was woo'd by shiny objects and fancy upgrades a few years ago and Jason was woo'd by ..well a better option..last year.
We are both 'car people'..and I've always traded around.  But this time I came back to my 'roots'.  Welcome..the new Outback
 For those that are interested..she's a 2013 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited with Eyesight/Nav.  So far so good. And yes..the dogs have been in it and fit very nicely! They have more room and it is easier for the old ones.
 Petey even came to visit and got to ride in it.  He approved...and then he went back to the sunshine.
We had our spring picnic last weekend.  The weather was great! Shane got to have his first ice cream. And to say he loved it..was an understatement. At one point, he dove his head in to the container.

 My friend Nancy was holding the bowl while Rocket gave her the "Can I have some?" Look.  Shane ended up  having 4 bowls..we figured why not?
I "stole with permission" this photo from Gyeong's blog (where you can also get more photos from Katy's visit).  Shiloh doesn't like when I give other dogs attention.  Even in her feeble and dreamy state..she made herself known.  But that is why she is so special!  She is definitely my dog and I am her human!  
I am going to Greyhounds in Gettysburg next weekend but I'm not taking any dogs.  Is anyone out in blog land going?  I'd love to meet up if anyone is going.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Who could hate Texas Toast?

Spring has sprung!!!  And before our guest could arrive, we had some fun outside. We were watching Beau and Belle for the weekend and their newest 'adopter sister' Sooie!
Cali just doesn't play well with others...
 But she was content with everyone chasing her. Sooie is bringing up the rear!
 Cali..well..being Cali

 Sooie in action. She is still very young and in 'race form'..
 And then...the proverbial wheels fell off.  We had a visitor arrive.  Many of you know her as Ihatetoast with her last post being about my Henry.  Some of you know her simply as Katy and she visited us once before from Australia.   But now, she has moved back to Texas and she tagged along with her mom on a road Virginia! so we enjoyed her company for two days but more importantly..we got to finally meet Omo and Fabian!!! I've followed her blog for over 5 years and have waited a long time for this snuggle!
We essentially had a greyhound party to welcome her to the states.  I think the final count was 16 dogs and 6 people.
Some of them enjoyed a romp in the yard.. Fabian says "Who says dogs with 3 legs can't run?"
 Dinah, Cali, Doc, Fabian, Omo and Finley
 Doc does love this toy
Cali gave up and found a more comfortable location

I call this sequence.."different objectives"
Doc loves running with a toy..Does Fab want the toy or Doc?
 Oh no!  Toy down!
Doc puts on the breaks for an emergency U-turn but Fab has no clue the toy is the objective
This is the "crap..abort!" stage.  I almost got completely nailed..after this photo.
 We had a good time..lots of wine, greyhounds and laughs.  Oh yeah..and Petey!  Katy's lap became his new location.  Thanks for visiting Katy!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Mini things

I actually have quite a few 'playing' shots of the kids but I think this post should be about really cute but very small things.
First, you may have read on Gyeong's blog that he got 'minis' done of his greyhounds by Dip-Dip and the Bridge.
My mom saw the blog and decided to get one for me (and her and my sister).  So Shiloh is now miniaturized!
She got her eyes perfectly!  Shiloh seems to be holding it together. No more seizures and she has gotten some coordination back.  Still has some neurological signs, but nothing drastic.
She also got  a mini Trufflz (who is 12).  I love the fuzzy ears
And one of my sister's JRT, Tucker, who is also 15
Another cute mini goats.  Now baby goats as a whole are cute.  But my sister has Angora now you add in curly hair.  THEN make it a runt who has been bottle fed...recipe for cuteness overload!  Kristen and I went to visit this particular goat this weekend... is crazy cute.
He really just wanted a bottle..but we let him nuzzle.
He would stop for a bit. He was a twin and his mother abandoned him. So my sister has been bottled feeding him.  He was even in her house for a week.  His sister is about 3 times bigger than he is and the mother is doing great with her.

He was very dog-like.  Just loved to be pet sister says this might be an issue when he is a big male with horns..and still thinks he is the size of a chihuahua.
It took everything we had not to put him in our pocket and bring him home...
I love this one..we were definitely slimmed by the time we got done with him.
 I willpost greyhound running photos soon enough.  We are getting a very special visitor this weekend!  I can't wait to meet Omo and Fabian who are FINALLY in the USA and coming to see us this weekend.