Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dana!!

Friday was Dana's 12th birthday!  She is out first greyhound and very special indeed.  She isn't the bravest or the most snuggly one..but she is the sweetest one!  She is definitely in the "spectrum" but that is what adds to her 'special-ness'.  And boy does she love to roo and dance!
Happy Birthday, Roo Roo Pants!!!
I think 2013 will be the year our house moves from "senior home" to "holy cow, how old are they?" least I hope so!!!
We spent a day at the new Park house. i think my kids approve.
And no, Shane has not figured out how to lay in a dog bed yet.  His aim is just a little off every time.
My parents visited for the weekend.  It has been so cold and subsequently very dry. Which leads to lots of static electricity.  Normally, that just means we shock the dogs and each other often. But for a Shih means something totally different!
 And our stairs are complete.  We know have a very chimeric deck, but oh well. The stairs are now composite and easier for the dogs to maneuver.  We still have to apply the grippy tape stuff, but it has been too cold for it to stick.  So far they seem to like it.  Dana was petrified of it at first, but now she gets it.  Hopefully, by this time next year, the whole deck will look like this.
Stay warm!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Like Diamonds in the sky

Big, wet diamonds..falling for days!  It has rained and rained and rained lately!  I had no idea when I took this photo of a beautiful sunrise on Monday morning, that I would not see the sun again until Friday.  Not even a peep!
We were watching Zephyr, Devo and Rocket during this monsoon. I felt bad as they really didn't get to enjoy the yard at all. 
Zephyr is a lurcher and a sweet old lady.
 Her whiskers were so cute
 Devo is a snuggly Whippet
 And Rocket..the "Oops" greyhound.  Props to his owner for getting him as a puppy.  He is striking..very interesting color!
 They left just in time for the diamonds in the sky to turn to crystals in the sky!  It was such a wet week.  At 10PM on Thursday..we were a little worried for our tree.
 It was a wet snow so the dogs had nothing to do with it.  But the next morning, we saw the sun again for the first time in 4 days..albeit to a different looking landscape!
 BUT luckily..this is Virginia.  So this very day, it went to 50 degrees!  So by the next day, the snow was gone.  And on Sunday, we were able to have friends over!  The next few shots are courtesy of Nerice.  She forgot her memory card, so I lent her mine.  Cali tries to tell Doc that the rules are she has control of the toy!
 Doc, Dinah and Cali
 Shiloh..we started her on 'old lady meds' this week.  The dementia symptoms had gotten pretty bad..we are seeing a little improvement.
And in other news.  Take your last look at our deck steps as they are now.
We want to remodel the deck, but a little at a time. First priority, the dogs are all having trouble with stairs these days. And these stairs are particularly hard.  So far Shane has injured himself pretty badly twice and Cali has scraped herself up once.  Shane just leaps from the third step now..which isn't safe.  So tomorrow..they will be remodeled and revamped in to composite.  Hopefully, next year the rest of the deck will catch up.  But the wallet can only support one upgrade at a time.  The kids will love it..and it will be so much easier and so much safer!  I am excited!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Marrow Bone Sunday

Everyone once in a while (usually the week before "Steam Clean Sunday") we give the kids a fresh marrow bone. The last time, they spent most of their time and energy cleaning the outsides of them.  I refroze those bones and brought them out this morning.  They did MUCH better and cleaned the completely!
Cali shows everyone how it is done
 Dana showed a lot of tenacity. She chewed until she passed out!
 Usually Dante doesn't play well with others in this situation, but under CLOSE supervision we let him chew with the others (in the past we have put him in a crate with his bone).  He did pretty well..but I think it is because everyone knows to leave him alone and I kept him from challenging the bigger dogs.
 The girls chew in tandem
 Shane now believes he has truly died and gone to heaven..
The greyhounds play very well with each other..they chewed on their own bones and not a growl/confrontation occurred.  I love my pack.
 So if you wonder where Shiloh's photos are chewing peacefully on her bone, she isn't in to that now that she is very old.  And those of you who know her well, know exactly where she was
 Now, I boil the bones so they can be put out with the rest of the sterilized bones/stuffies.  I have more marrow bones for future Sunday fun.