Monday, July 30, 2007

What another cult among friends?

It is a well known fact that the greyhound group can be considered a cult by Webster's terms..we are ok with that. Most of you don't know that Jason and I are in the Subaru clan too. It is also very cult-like and tends to have very loyal followers. And just as we try to get people to consider greyhounds when adopting, we push Subaru's when people are buying. Sometimes it works..;-)
The depth of our subaru link goes back many years when Jason and I used to be very active on the autocross circuit. I had my sedan then (went up to the wagon for the dogs..) but if you don't know the Subaru WRX (my red sedan and my current gray wagon) is turbo charged with 230+ hp. I have a very fast grocery getter. Jason owns the STi which is a 300hp base turbo charged rally car. It has been modified at this point to have more than 350 (you had no idea I was a gearhead..did you?) Here are two pictures of us during our racing days.

Now the point to this blather is that we had a small hand in helping Kristen and Gyeong purchase their new Subaru Outback! You can see more pics on his blog.

And if you haven't figured it out car is the reason my license plate and blog is plural in the fast greyz. ;-)
So after we oohed and ahhed over the new car we spent some quality time with the massive herd of dogs I had in my backyard.

My neighbor's kids were peaking over the fence so we let them come over and play with the dogs. DJ (the littlest) really liked Beth.

Oh and Beth..really liked the pool.

Stanley and Beth enjoy a little "newbie" time running with Taz.

Before everyone got there, Dana was catching some Z's. I couldn't resist b/c I didn't put the pillow there..she managed to get it over and use it quite deftly.

Beth is finally feeling better and playing constantly. I will work on getting some photos of her running around like crazy.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

We are back..

I have a lot to catch you up on! I am going to go in reverse order..just because. ;-) We got a foster on Wednesday. Her name is JNB Baby Beth and she is a 4 year old female. She is ultra sweet. We are calling her Beth and she has a bit of crush on Jason..he can't really move without her beside him or under his feet. And everyone knows i have a thing for those brindles. She just laid her head in my laptop starting up the DVD player..too funny. I haven't been able to get great pics of her expect more to come.

Now we also have 4 boarders right now (do the math..I have EIGHT dogs). We are watching Lulu but we have learned she is very scared of look back at past blog posts for those pics. We also have the Alfano clan. Jo, Tristan and Sara. This is Jo relaxing and roaching..she is cute.

And of course the beautiful Sara who loves nothing more than to roll around in the grass outside for hours..

The four boarders go home on Saturday or Sunday and then we will be down to Beth and our 3. Feeding time will be a bit less hectic and Shiloh will quit giving me the evil eye..I hope.
and of course, I can't forget about our Atlantic City trip. Kristen and I went with my friends Susan and Carolyn. It was Susan's birthday and she loves to gamble. This is the contraband shot..after I took it I had 3 suits come upon me very quickly letting me know in NO uncertain terms photography was NOT allowed on the casino floor..but I did get away with this one. ;-)

And I came out even thanks to a 300 dollar slot machine spin and actually sat a the card tables (black jack and 3 card poker) a lot! I have never been able to do that. Susan had a blast and loves to play cards..she never takes home money and that is her plan. Kristen..the Tropicana was not nice to her..but she had fun. Carolyn was our big winner..she did very well at the 3 card poker table and took us all out to a nice dinner on Thursday night. Here we are enjoying a glass of wine (we had to pay for them at the restaurants!). From left to right: Carolyn, me, Susan and Kristen.

All in all we had a wonderful time. We rushed back on Saturday so we could all meet the new Park arrival (stanley) and then enjoyed a nice meal on our deck with the dogs. ;-)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

A moment..

I wanted to write a quick entry while I wait for the Atlantic City photos to get emailed to me (I broke even but we had an absolute blast). I do have 7 dogs at my house right now b/c I am watching 4 additionaly ghs! But I haven't been home to take cute I will post about them later. But this entry..I think is long overdue.
I wanted to a take a few lines to say a big thank you to everyone who works tirelessly day after day to help rescue these beautiful retired racing greyhounds. There are groups of every shape and size located in most every corner of this country and abroad that are all out for the same put these great hounds on a couch..where they belong. And even with the concerted efforts of every group..they all aren't saved. Through this blog and other forums I have connected with people all over the world who share my passion, all working for the greyhounds.
The greyhounds can't express their gratitude but we all see it in their eyes. We are reminded every day why we do it. And I am happy with every opportunity I get to do my itty bitty part..but that part means the world to me and that greyhound. And I think that is what binds every volunteer together..we aren't out to change the world but we are out to change the world for at a time.

So..greyhound volunteers around the world..give yourself a pat on the back. ;-) You deserve it! It is easy to forget why we started and what it is all about.
I think they are worth it! ;-)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dana Roo-Roo the Moo-Moo cow

My Dana...she is exhausted today. We possibly overdid the "spreading the word" yesterday after doing a Meet and Greet at Petsmart for VAGA and a Mall Walk at a local pet-friendly mall for GPA. Dana is completely and totally worn out..has not moved all day. SO since I forgot my camera to these great greyhound filled events, I will just talk about Dana for the blog.
Dana a.k.a Great Day Ahead was born on January 25, 2001 and raced in Naples, Florida for 47 races getting to grade B before going to the Sanford, Orlando track in early 2004. She raced there until mid-2005 where she somehow made it to GPA-Orlando rescue kennel. She was adopted through VAGA to another lady. She wasn't being treated properly at all at her 'forever home' so VAGA re-rescued her.

When I was in high school, I met a greyhound. And since the majority of my readers are greyhound owners, you know exactly what neuronal change occurred after meeting that one greyhound. I was bound and determined to have one one day. About 10 years later, I met these cool people, Kristen and Gyeong. i found out they too wanted to adopt a greyhound one day! How cool!!! Three years later, Kristen and Gyeong were finally able to adopt their first greyhound (we know her now as Stella). I had recently made acquantances with one Jason Stumpf. Who as a dog person, fit right in to my lifestyle but when I told him of my dreams to own a greyhound, he said "a greyhound? We have Shiloh and Dante..we don't need another dog. What is so special about a greyhound anyway?" B/c he, my friends, had never met one.

So we went to visit Kristen and meet their new gh. Stella worked her wonderful magic and on the ride home I heard "I want a greyhound". ;-)
So we decided to adopt after the holidays through VAGA. But Dana was confiscated and needed a home. So on December 3, 2005, we brought her home. She is now 6 1/2 years old.
Dana..she didn't get the greyhound memo. She sheds..a lot. She is very fuzzy and even though she raced for her full career she has very few scars. She doesn't like to be on the couch and only gets on the bed when we put her there. She loves the cold and refuses to move if we put a coat on her and she lays on the air conditioning vents all summer. And she is a roacher. ;-)

We call her Eeyore a lot..she freezes quite often and simply stares at the ground. She has NO spine and wil be pushed around by anyone. But she is Daddy's little princess and can do no
wrong. She roos constantly (see video in past blog entry)and has a very happy windmill tail that
has whacked many a fingertip, thigh, manberry, or eyeball depending on the height of the victim.
She is a lover not a thinker..but that makes her sweet. She had a good time at obedience class even though she made up the L.D. table. And she sleeps on her nose a lot.

She loves playing with her greyhound friends (and I am still working on her daddy to get her a permanent gh friend) and loves that we foster and board all her friends. But Shiloh has become her best friend. They play together all the time and can usually be found sleeping near each other (but my blog is always full of those images!)
But she started our adventure in the world of greyhounds. And now we love to talk about them, dress ourselves in their image, spend our days and nights promoting them and basically becoming a card carrying member of the cult.
Stay tuned for pics and stories from my girls weekend in Atlantic City coming up this week! ;-)

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Now it is Dante's turn. Dante was Jason's contribution to our relationship. Jason's mother bought Dante from a petstore (GASP!) and as she is known to do decided he was too much to handle after about 1 year. So Jason took him. Now Dante. He had his manberries (thanks Kayte!) for WAAAAYYY too long. When I came in to the picture the bachelors had been together way too long. Dante thought he was king of his castle. Jason loved his little dog but wasn't one to take him to a dog park. So he wasn't socialized to other dogs..but those doo-dads prevented him from joining in the reindeer games...he had his mind on humping it or fighting it. So Kristen and I took it upon ourselves to render Dante socialized. It took me about a year to get Jason to 'do the surgery'. He is now 9 years old and graying a bit. He still doesn't like playing with other dogs but LOVES to squeak toys and can entertain himself for hours.
Dante is very cute and he knows it. He has more attitude than any other dog I know (he is just like his daddy). We call him a P.I.T.A. big time. He is the one we have to watch around other dogs. He can be grumpy. And he growls at us a lot..especially if you make him move. He growls as he jumps off the couch or the bed. it is funny.
He loves riding on the 4-wheeler at my mom's house.

He loves his ball more than anything else in the world.

So much so that even if we are playing with a ball in the pool, he will jump on a float and bark and get worked up in a tizzy to get hold of it

He looks really good in hats. And he loves parades..he thinks the parades are all for him. And as we walk with all the greyhounds the crowds are all oohing and ahing over how cute the weiner dog is.

He isn't a weiner dog anymore..he is a sausage. He is 22lbs and has lost weight but he is a brick. The time of testosterone led to a beefy dog. He is always found under a blanket...and sleeps under the covers at my feet every night.

He is Dante..with all his quirks. He loves everyone except us most of the time. He is a VERY indiscrimant eater (yep..eats everything...i mean everything) and subsequently has horrible breath. But he will snuggle with the best of them and can usually be found under the blanket with me on the recliner.

Our Dante..he loves to tell everyone how horrible his life is by whining and squeaking. But as you can see..he has it pretty good. But in Dante's perfect world he would be king, the world would be one big heated bed (which we have and he uses) and everyone's purpose would be to make him happy.

Monday, July 2, 2007


Since foster greyhounds are in low supply these days, I thought it would be neat to give my dogs their own blog entry. They are my kids and many people that read this blog don't 'know' them well. So I thought I would change that. First baby, Shiloh.
I got her when she was 9 months old in May of 1998. I was in the process of graduating from college and knew I could not go out on my own without a dog. I worked at a vet's office and was on the look out for a dog in need. Sadly..I wanted a dachsund..odd how things play out, huh? Anyway, this family that came to the vet often decided to adopt a litter of puppies and the mother from the local SPCA. This family was known to have a larger heart than wallet. So they realized they couldn't afford to keep them all and they returned Snowflake. The vet knew this was an omen. She kept talking to me about her but I was stuck on getting a smaller dog. They finally talked me in to taking her home for a night. That was all it took. Shiloh has never left my side since. And I named her Shiloh b/c I was looking through the pet ads in the paper and a dog was lost named Shiloh. I thought..if I keep her that is what I am going to name her. She came home with me and we immediately moved to Baltimore, MD for my first job. She was all I had in that big city so we worked on obedience and walked the city every evening. She has been my best friend ever since. She is now 10 years old and has been with me through multiple relationships, apartments and homes.
She is incredibly attached to me. I don't go anywhere without her if she can help it. We do think of her as a bit psycho b/c she is very neurotic about being around me and stresses out when
other dogs get too much attention.
She smiles..It is a party trick.
She is very obedient b/c of her allegience to me and making me happy. And she loves her new found best friend, Dana. They play a lot outside in the yard. She can always be found keeping 'up' with the greyhounds.
She also loves her friend Parker. With the addition of the greyhounds, playtime is harder to come by but a long time ago "pre-greyhound' Parker and Shiloh were absolute best friends. This is in their younger days..they really are playing.
She isn't much of a toy dog preferring loving more, but when the mood strikes her it is funny to watch her run around the yard with a stuffie.
So that is Shiloh. The psycho dog who I have owned for 9 years. She is fuzzy, with easily hurt feelings and is very submissive. When everything else around me was changing..she has always been rock solid. And hopefully she will be rock solid for a long time to come. I will blog about my other 2 fur-kids when time permits.