Sunday, December 15, 2013


We need a little cute.  It has been weird with "just" 3 dogs lately..but we have adjusted.  I'm working on the "memory" shelf with everyone's urns.  It isn't finished yet. 

But we had Kristen and Gyeong over last weekend to celebrate Shane and Stella.  She was dog sitting Jorja, a fuzzy young mix, and I was dog sitting Petey! They were a perfect match! they played soooo well. Kristen got some videos..I don't know if Gyeong will post them on his blog or not.
But they were super cute and played NON stop.
 We were also watching 2 greyhounds, Stella (fitting) and Duncan.  They seemed like they were pretty comfortable here..Duncan looks JUST like Dana only bigger.  it was eerie.
 We head out on our normal holiday whirlwind travels next Saturday.  I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday, however you celebrate!
HO!HO!HO! from Dana and Cali (photo bomb by Shiloh).  I love my girls..

Thursday, December 5, 2013


I wish we had gotten you sooner.  I wish we had been able to do more.  We tried to show you an awesome  year. 
Wineries, greyhound meet and greets and parties.  We showered you with marrow bones, cookies, ice cream and wonderful goodies.  We tried to make up for the years you spent in isolation and deplorable conditions.  We made sure you were always warm, fed, flea free and happy since you had years without any of that.  We hope you forgot the bad stuff that happened before us (first days blog here)..and remember all the fun we had this last year.  We showed you what retirement was supposed to be like..You were a good old man..cancer sucks.  I wish we had more time... 

Run pain free, my old man. 
Shane (Shannon Ace)
June 11, 1999-December 5, 2013

 We will miss you.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Odd Couple

 Old man Shane turns 14 1/2 next week.  He isn't doing very well..He needs hugs and ear scritches from everyone he knows. He's a good old man.  And Shiloh seems to be very snuggly with him lately.  Shane didn't like any other dog touching him a year ago, now he is fine with a Shiloh blanket. 

Monday, December 2, 2013


I've told the story before, but here it is again.  Many people as me how I got in to greyhound adoption.  I met a greyhound when I was a lot younger and vowed to own one one day.  I met Kristen and Gyeong through another friends and we became great friends.  We discovered that Kristen had also always wanted a greyhound as well! A few years later, she and Gyeong were able to adopt Stella.  When I met Jason, I told him that I wanted a greyhound one day.  His response "we have Shiloh and Dante, do we need another dog?"...and I said "but greyhounds are different'"...which he didn't understand or agree with.  So we took a trip to see Kristen after they'd adopted Stella.  The next day, on the way home, Jason said "we need a greyhound".  Shortly thereafter in December 2005, we adopted Dana and the rest, as they say, is history.
So..Stella really did start it all.  We owe her everything.  She has left a wonderful legacy and we will never...ever...forget her. She was not only the first greyhound in our collective packs, but she was also the first lap dog.  She started Jason's quest to find the 'other' greyhound who would think laps were just couch extensions.  It took us over 50 fosters, but she was found.  Thanks to Stella.
We are very glad we were able to spend time with her last weekend..she gave me lots of kisses which I will remember forever.
We love you and miss you greatly.

Run free, pretty girl.