Sunday, March 23, 2014

Greyhound gathering

We had a board meeting for the greyhound group at our house a few weeks ago and turned it in to a greyhound gathering.  Once the business was done, we grilled and invited others to enjoy the day.
Cooper manages to get comfortable anywhere...
 Kelli wants to know if this puppy makes her butt look big?
 Doc and Dinah now have a new brother, Dobby,  a 5 month old whippet puppy. He is super cute and loved Kelli. now Zooey and has found a wonderful forever home.  Which is good..I think if she came back to me she would have stayed.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Cali!

Tomorrow is Cali's 11th birthday.  A few months ago, this birthday would have been 'just another birthday'...but now it is different.  We hope to celebrate many more.
I make a point to be the 'cool' aunt with my niece and nephews.  And I try to be a good 'auntie' to all my dog family as well.  But apparently, without "Aunties" my dogs would not have special birthdays celebrated properly.
Auntie Kristen made Dana a wonderful dog cake for her 13th birthday a few weeks ago.  And Auntie Tracey made Cali low carb "pup"-cakes for her birthday!  We are keeping Cali as carb free as possible (while still feeding kibble) so I was excited that she was able to make one with almond flour!  And ...Cali is oddly an incredibly picky eater when it comes to treats.  She hates vegetables..always has.  She won't even eat a french fry!  So I was hoping Cali would enjoy these pup-cakes.
 I think she approved
 Dana on the other hand has never met a cookie she doesn't like.  Kibble is not her favorite, but cookies..always.
 The "frosting" was peanut butter..
 She eventually got it all down.  We have a few more for tomorrow.
Happy birthday, my sweet girl. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

2 Months

Today is Cali's 2 month amputation anniversary. Her last chemo seemed to affect her similar to the first time, but on the plus side she has gained weight since her amputation (so now she is on a reduced diet...).
But we had another snow this week and Cali felt great. So we took the Angry Bird toy out and had some fun.  Shiloh and Dana couldn't be bothered.
But Cali put on quite the show..
 Sometimes she got a little snow in her face
 But she didn't seem to mind too much
 And an uncut sequence
 And you know when Cali is done..
 And we finally have our paintings updated.  We've always gotten a portrait.  The 'original 5' still hang over the TV, but I will move the boys upstairs to hang over their urns eventually.
 But we had Shane's done and framed.  Christy Dekoning does our paintings.  She is a great artist though not greyhound specific.
Today, I'm excited because Cali gets to dust her therapy dog jacket off and visit a high school for a special presentation.  She is so good at that.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lazy bones

Winter is almost over...almost.  Festivals and outdoor activities will begin soon, we hope!  For now, we lounge. 
There was a rare afternoon where lounging could be done outside.
 But mostly we hang out inside...literally.
This is the "What?  Why are you taking pictures of me?" face.
Now, if you follow Gyeong's blog you witnessed another episode of old dog's can't hit the bed with Shiloh.  This has become a thing for her. She is so wobbly at this point that 'falling' in to a bed can be treacherous.  I found her like this the other day
She slept that way for some time.  Once I saw her try to get up, I helped her out of that predicament.
 Cali had her 2nd chemotherapy treatment last Monday.  Like the first time, she didn't want to eat for the first 3 days.  They did lower the dose this last time, but she was just not hungry. We give her anti-nausea meds.  We bought a fresh pig a few months back and with it came ham steaks. We weren't 100% sure what to do with we figured the dogs would love them. So we ground them up and all bowls were licked clean.
And while out to dinner, Jason asked for some foil to bring Cali back his Osso Bucco was clean and cooked so not dangerous to her. 
Jason took a video when he got home to give it to her.