Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Finally..the snow melted and it stopped raining! The grass is growing at a rapid pace!
I feel sure everyone is tired of seeing my dogs running around in my rectangle back yard ..but they were having way too much fun today!And yes..this ended exactly like it looks like it willThis one cracked me up..
A whole open house..lots of dog beds..they all cram in to one corner of one room (Dana has her muzzle and cap on b/c she won't leave her boo-boo alone)
Wanna know where Dante is?
"Laydee..can I get up there wif you?"
And now..NYC OR BUST!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cali

Miss Cali turned 6 on March 17th. Yes, she is a St. Patrick's Day baby. She is also 100% Irish on both sides..AND I have been told that her mohawk is an Irish trait. I guess we should give her an Irish accent...but I just don't think that fits as well as Veruca Salt's voice.
Anyway..she is got loving on her birthday and went to the hospital to visit the Polytrauma Unit the next day. But Happy Birthday, sweet girl! Our life definitely would be different without you!Sawyer was returned this week too. We fostered him last summer (those of you at Kristen's party last summer will remember him as the 'instigator' to the Pomeranian 'situation') but his new owner got a new girlfriend with a small fluffy dog. So..the new girlfriend won. But he will find his forever home soon. He is a good boy and we are fostering him until he finds a home or until we put our house on the market in April.We visited Kristen and Gyeong this weekend and attended the Greyhounds Rock event. It has serious potential and I hope it only gets bigger! But we had a great dinner and spent most of the evening planning our trip to New York City in 1 week!
Stanley is bored by the whole situation
Obviously..some people can't hang...
The queens snuggle after breakfast..I guess this means there is mutual respect.
Dante, Shiloh, Stanley, Cali, Dexter, Jaime and Stella wait outside while two more hounds arrive for the weekend which brought our tally up to 12..9 hounds and 3 'little ones'. And..when there are 12 dogs..someone always gets hurt. Not on purpose..and really we have no idea how she did it. But Dana sliced the back of her leg open. It is a pretty good cut but luckily Kristen stays as stocked up in medical supplies as I do, so we were able to fix her up. It will take a while to heal ..but she will be ok. Rimadyl is her friend right now. Poor Roo Roo pantz.Stay tuned .. the Parks and the Stumpfs are hitting the Big Apple on April 1st. I feel sure there will be plenty of photographs! And yes...we are hitting some pretty great restaurants!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A peek and a peep

I am not exactly sure how it is possible for this post to follow the last post by only a few days. The 7 inches of snow left us when the air turned 80 degrees. lie. We went from 14F outside on Monday to 80F on Friday (for those of you in the C range..that is -12 to 26 in 5 days! )
I think Cali misses the snow.
But we are watching Amy..very sweet and fun girl.Who loves to is funny.

And we are watching Dolly and Diego as well.Dolly does her impression of a PointerAnd then pounces on Diego..With Amy, Dolly and Cali makes for a lot of Queen Bees. So muzzles are necessary during play. Cali didn't have one on b/c..well she is THE Queen Bee and as long as no one questions that...there are no problems. So is hot we all say inside in the shade. It will be cold again this is only a peek in to summer.So everyone was good for their nail trims and it IS that time of they all got a Peep. So the photographer had some fun.
A peepA peep in the mud (7 inches of snow melting in 24 hours=mud bog)"oh no!"Another peep"oh no"
A peep in the worth a tasty snackA squished peep
it was sad how much fun I had with the peeps.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Want more?

Cali, Dana and Shiloh..LOVE the snow! The photos from the last post and this one are from multiple play sessions each day. So enjoy!

Monday, March 2, 2009


For my first day of my new job..we got 7 inches of snow. This is the FIRST snow fall since Dec. 5th, 2005. HOw do I remember this day? It was 2 days after we got Dana. so this is Dana's 2nd snow and Cali's first snow!
Cali..LOVES it!
I have a ton of photos..and will probably take more. But for now..enjoy the show, you don't need commentary! Many of them were taken while it was still snowing this morning, so they aren't great. But you get the idea.

Dante, on the other hand, is miserable. But can you blame him? His man parts are about 2 inches off the ground with his belly being about 3 inches off the he was a snow plow. This was as far as he got before aborting and pooing on the deck.