Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ho Ho Ho

We have returned from our holiday travels.  It is always a whirlwind event but we managed to spend a lot of time with everyone and enjoy the time.
Shane went to Kristen and Gyeong's for the week, I just don't think his old bones can handle the constant walking and traveling.  It is hard on the others and they are used to it.  But we gave him lots of Christmas love before leaving.  Hopefully, they can teach him how to lay on a bed..he still hasnt' figured that out yet.
 But Shiloh takes advantage of his ineptitude and uses the part he isn't.
Our first stop is Charlotte to be with Jason's family.  Since Thanksgiving, there has been a new addition.  Finnagin was born right after Thanksgiving.
 Grandpa spends some time with him
One night Jason made pizzas
Dante positioned himself expertly so he could watch the action from the comfort of the couch.
Cali guards the door..from the couch
Dana and Shiloh figure if cookies are to be had..they will come to them.

The old lady..such a sweet girl
 We spent Christmas morning with his family.  His mother was with us the whole time
We packed up the Beastie and drove to my parents house in Franklin County.  After a few days of no fence and leash walking only..Cali was ready for the mini horse paddock!
 Shiloh loves being a Grandma's house!
We opened presents and had dinner with my parents on Christmas night. The next day we went to my sister's house to see other family members. 
My nephew Boone learns Uncle Jason is definitely useful
 A few days later, Boone comes over and Jason shows him his mad Lego skills.
 It was really cold the whole time but we managed to spend a little time outside with Boone.
All in all it was a great trip. Definitely tiring..Jason and Cali were definitely tuckered out
We were glad to be home and I was especially glad for my fenced backyard.  Of course, now i have a cold but that means I get to spend the weekend snuggling with my furry kids. I hope everyone had a great holiday and Happy New Year!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Eat, Papa, Eat!

Mrs. Claus utters these famous words in one my of my favorite holiday shows, because who ever heard of a skinny Santa!! one wants to see a skinny Shane!
So after 5 weeks of nothing more than regular high quality food, a warm home, exercise and lots of brushing ...I think we can see definite improvement!!!
I took this photo the first few days he was with us
And this was today
 5 weeks ago..
 just a few days ago
 I am proud of our accomplishment and amazed at what a little food can do!! 

Now the title can also refer to the incredibly gluttonous time of year we find ourselves in right now.  Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago.  We left Shane in the capable hands of the Parks and we took the other four.  Shane hasn't quite mastered housebreaking enough to be trusted elsewhere. 
So we entertained our nieces and nephew by conducting a coloring contest.  Someone was taking this contest a little toooo seriously.
 But after a day of playing, cooking and eating, everyone was a little tuckered out..Cali is a good snuggle dog
 After that trip to Charlotte, NC, we came home and got our house ready for the next holiday!
 I was excited to get the blinky antlers that Shane so wonderfully and happily modeled for you previously in this blog.  So I asked the Diva to dutifully model them as well..I do so much for her.
 So I got that for about 3 seconds and then this happened...she is such a misfit.
 And since Cali does NOT need to eat more, I rescued the antlers for use on another day.  Have no fear..she will wear them again!
I don't have a macro lens but I was playing/bothering a bee I liked this shot..not excellent but neat  nonetheless!
 I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

November fun

Shane went to the vet for a general work up last week. His blood work looked perfect and his urinalysis seemed unremarkable.  We are going to work on his diet, exercise, schedule to see if that will improve his bladder function.  If not, we will get an Xray in a few weeks to see if there is something in his spine or bladder.  So for now, we are just enjoying the fall weather.
 When Sandy came through, we moved all of our deck furniture under the deck to prevent flying objects.  The dogs enjoyed the post storm weather in the sunshine.
Shane went to his first event this past weekend.  He did pretty well and was very friendly.  But after a little bit, his body gave out and he completely passed out.
 Jason wasn't there so Cali conned   convinced someone else to snuggle with her.
then we came home and Bob's greyhounds Doc and Dinah enjoyed a fun romp in the yard.I'm still getting used to my new I'm not 100% happy with these..but I'll get it together one day.
 This is how Doc gets by the speed can't see my face!!
 And look who joins in again!  Even after an event, he still had some energy!
 he runs like a rocking horse...but I'd say this photo shows he is happy.
 Jason threw a ball for them a few times.  And oh yeah..he shaved his head. I don't know why but there you go..
 Then for some quiet indoor times..
 Shiloh gives me the stink eye
And now the Park kids are 'homeless' for a few days while their old house is being packed up and their new house is being prepared for their arrival. So they are lounging at my house. Literally.  And yes..even Kevin came along.  For those of you who don't follow Gyeong's can probably figure out who Kevin is...

 Have a great Thanksgiving!!! We are  heading to Charlotte and Shane will stay with Aunt Kristen and Uncle Gyeong.  The other 4 will go with us, Shane just isn't ready to go visiting to non-dog people's homes.  We would like to get his bladder under control first...