Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pet Expo

We went to the annual Pet Expo this past weekend. I always enjoy this event b/c it is a great way to people and pet watch! There are hundreds of people and their dogs that travel through the indoor location to see lots of vendors, rescue/adoption groups, and informational booths. GPA usually has a booth with merchandise and it tends to be a great fund raiser and awareness raiser for us and this year did not disappoint. For more photos from the event, check out GPA's blog.
Before we left, Dana had to be 'de-fuzzed'. Dana did not get the 'greyhounds don't shed' memo.
Check out the fuzzy buttAnd in this one..gaze around her and you will see white hair floating through the air, on the deck and chairs..But once she is done..she glows white so it is worth the hair in the teeth.
At the event, we find Smokey who dresse up for the occasion...he is such a pretty princess!
While at the expo, we saw other animals who were much more active and motivated than ours! Cali and Dana were exhausted after 20 minutes of standing! (forgive the image quality..action shots indoors isn't easy)

Meanwhile..this is what our kids were doing. Dana enjoyed the people who came to her and Cali..well she was oogling in the background. They so need to get a roomThanks to everyone's well wishes for my new job. It is an adventure! But for now, this week contains all sorts of wonderful things. It contains the best day of the year..for me at least, my favorite Richmond festival, AND my good friend from out of town's visit! It's a trifecta of goodness! And it is my last week in my current'll be a birthday week to remember.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You knew this was coming...

Everyone speculated..and you were all right. Dante's bed has been violated. He gets no respect

On the news front...I am happy to report I got a new job! I wasn't really looking but it just kind of appeared and was perfect. It is a huge promotion for me..I am now a Director of one of the facilities where I currently work. I will have employees, a lot more responsibility, run two committees and overall be more stressed. ;-) I am excited but it is a huge move for me. But don't worry loyal readers..I will continue my blogging. But I thought i would share my good news. The urge to throw up is passing but I am still a nervous wreck! haha

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has it's advocates and it's haters. I fall somewhere in between. I don't fall for the roses, cards and gifts. But I do treat it as a special day to make special food..sadly I prefer a good meal to a good gift most days.
So I thought I would chronicle our dinner. Jason loves to cook and on these special occasion is neat to watch! For those of you who don't know the 'routine'..I pick the recipes/menu, make the list and organize the grocery/store trip. And Jason does all the cooking/prep work!
So for dinner..we decided to get a dry aged Ribeye steak..we have never gotten a dry aged steak and figured it was as good a time as ever. So he made a classic preparation called Steak au poivre with braised Broccoli rabe (or rapini) and roasted butternut squash!
here is the preparation in progress. Now the steak dish is special for its sauce. There is cognac in it..and where there is alcohol ..there is fire. I love these photos b/c I have an affinity for fire..not in a scary way.

The flames were pretty kickin'
The finished product. We actually ate at our table..first time since Thanksgiving! Now dessert. This one was a first and WOW ..we will be doing it again b/c it is easy and scrumptious!
Drooling yet???
Before New Year's, we did a sparkling tasting at our favorite wine store Bella Vino. They had a true Champagne (which means made in Champagne, France) that was amazing! We have thought about it ever since. Just a great bubbly and neither of us are bubbly drinkers. Well the problem was that it was a little pricey for a rose' bubbly. But again..special occasion and the perfect companion to our dessert! that my expanding waist line is explained and everyone is probably hungry..that was my Valentine's Day. My birthday is coming up and I will make up a new menu for him to cook.
and some cute dog photos. Dante finally got his own bed this weekend. He seems to like it. It came with a removable cushion (that Dana confuses with a toy a lot) as well.
perched atop the cushion!
I hope everyone had a great day and weekend! Richmonders don't forget to come to the Pet Expo next weekend! GPA with be there but it is a great dog event!
and to see more photos from our Stony Point Walk this weekend, check out Nerice's blog. We had great turnout!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Attack of the killer toys

It was an amazing weekend..everyone was out playing and enjoying the beautiful and rare warm January day. But to our surprise..the toys started to fight back!
first..the pink 'pig ball' came in for attack but luckily Cali was there to save us all
Cali: "I'm a comin' "
Cali: "I will get it!"
C: "He is faster than I expected"C: "I saved your life!"
With Dana as back up..the pink 'pig ball' is beaten in to submission.C: " owe me your life! Bow to me!"
"What do you mean there is another one? Blue ball is attacking now??
"Blue ball? Is it dangerous? Should we hide?""Have no fear..Wonder Wiener is here!!!!! I'll save my ladies!"
*in Dante's head* "You're my hero..Thank you for saving us!"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A little wine with your pizza many have seen documented on Gyeong's and Nerice's blogs..we had a Wine Tasting and Pizza Party. The Parks and the Stumpfs teamed up once again to throw one helluva party. We had Bella Vino come and bring 6 great wines and perform the tasting part..then everyone brought their favorite toppings for the pizza making part. From the photos on the other can tell a good time was had by all. All in all we had about 30 people attend, we went through about 16 bottles of wine and I think 3-4 cases of beer...not to mention the countless Irish Car Bombs. Needless to say..I had a better morning than Jason. ;-)
Here is the table..pre-party
Nerice made cookies in honor of the Super Bowl being played the following day..this was a Pre-Super Bowl party.As as seen on the other blogs, Rock Band was a large part of the evening. Everyone seemed to take a turn playing an instrument or another. Lin is our rocker the '80s she was a singer for a rock band in LA. So we tease her a bit about it but ultimately made her rock out.
Nerice and Dabney play bandmates
I didn't take as many photos as check out their blogs to get a better idea of the night. The wine was great, the pizza was awesome and the company was out of this world. Thanks to all who attended!
On the greyhound front we had Hugo for a week..he is a goober and loves to sleep upside down
Festivals and greyhounds events are ramping up now that hopefully spring is on its way..Phil says 6 more weeks of winter..but since he is only right 39% of the time..I doubt his claim. And on a sadder note..We will miss you Ihatetoast...see you in the comment section.