Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pouty face

We went to the Pet Expo on Saturday. I couldn't resist a quick post to show Cali's pouty face. 
 When we first arrived..bright eyed and relatively happy to be there.
 Just a few short hours later....squinty eyes, scrunched lips and not happy. This wasn't a 'photo caught in a bad moment. I have 10 of these..
Luckily, Shane and Dana are much happier about going places and appreciate being with me ;-)  They were up and meeting/greeting with the best of them. 
She is such a diva...but we do love the little Diva..

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A little variety

Well, I am happy to announce that Shane FINALLY figured out a bed!  Costco had a new kind of bed and everyone loves it.  And Finally..after 2 1/2 months of access to a bed..he figured it out.
 Maybe the hedgie helped? 
The days have been getting ever so much long which means I sometimes have enough light to play with everyone after work. 
Cali has a big nose!  This is her saying "throw the stupid stuffie!"
 And Cali proves that you can still be pretty even with a red bird in your mouth..
But for the variety..we are watching a co-workers mix breed dog, Rafa.  He is young, big and the EXACT opposite of everyone in the house currently.  So he has been bored...He tries playing with Cali. But I think she scares him just a bit.
 But he is very cute and has been a good boy.
 His features actually made him a great photo candidate..
 But normally, he is very busy and just ran around like a goofball.
 He goes home today and I'm sure he will tell the tale of the 'weekend with the old folks home' to all his friends at the dog park.