Sunday, April 27, 2008


Next weekend is our GPA's spring picnic..which means I will be slam busy all week until Sunday's picnic with preparation and stuff AND we have a haul coming in on Saturday so we decided to take this weekend for ourselves.
What are two things that can make you feel better no matter the mood or weather? Wine and Chocolate. And go figure..there was a chocolate festival AND a wine festival in Richmond this weekend.
First..University of Richmond's culinary institute had a Chocolate festival! For the 10.00 ticket, you got to sample chocolate concoctions from 14 vendors/culinary institutes! It was pretty cool..
This was tenderloin steak in chocolate was wonderful and Yes..we have the recipe!
This is another booth's offerings..
And what is a chocolate festival with a huge chocolate fountain!!!
And they even had seminars by big name chefs in big tall white hats..but it gave me a good locale to take overhead shots. Jason was listening to him..I was people watching!
And .. figured from now on at festivals if I see someone outlandish..I will photo it and share! I wish I had gotten a better shot of this one..but it is hard to explain to a perfect stranger why you need someone to face you and stand still..but know that her headband had cat ears..So after 2 hours of eating chocolate we headed to Innsbrook for the James River Wine Festival! Gave the pancreas a break and started in on the liver..wooohoo!This was a newer winery that we liked quite well.

It was we weren't there terribly long. But after a day of eating chocolate and drinking wine in the was nappy time. And I promise..this is not set up and Jason is snoring..loudly. The camera shutter noise woke him up but I snapped off a few before he woke up.

And so the others don't feel left impromptu photo of Shiloh chewing on a bone..
And Dana..just looking pretty!
And to start the greyhound week! All of the board members are wearing two hats this week..we are all on the events committee this week since the picnic is such a big undertaking. AND with the haul coming in .. I am still doing my normal foster coordinator duties. And let's not forget I leave for Jamaica in 9 days. ;-) Wooohooooo!!! So this gonna be crazy but the hounds are worth every minute.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's ALIVE!!!!

IT'S HERE!!!! I know..a grown woman this excited about a camera. I am not right.. I know. But after weeks of research, 3 days of staring at a lens with no camera, 1 day of staring at a camera + lens with no memory card..SHE IS ALIVE!!!!
And..I have a lot of work to do to even come close to understanding how to expertly use the damn thing..but here is my first attempt! The one thing I know is that it has a lot of potential!
Bear with me....
Rome became a great subject
I still need work on the action shots..
Paris enjoys a breeze
Paris plays fun police well..she reminds me a lot of Stella...
Rome is very handsomeAnd what is a blog without the beaut-animous recognize my sickness and don't laugh too loudly at me..I had to learn to use the auto focus points. So..imagine with me. The wine glass..instead of being 1/4 full of Yellowtail is full of a frozen fruity drink with an orange wedge/cherry and pink umbrella. And instead of being on a tile/iron is on a glass top table lightly dusted with sand ...AND (stay with me) instead of garden gloves and trowel in the background..a conch shell and cloth chaise recliner. AND instead of vinyl sided houses further out..a beach with rolling waves and a perfect sunset. Are you there with me...yeah...paradise. 12 days this will be a reality for me..and I hope to capture such an image. Thanks for taking the walk down delusion lane with me..back to my fruity I mean Yellowtail. ;-)

Monday, April 21, 2008

"The sun will come up...tomorrow"

When we last left the Casa de la Stumpf..the weather was gorgeous and the grill was hot.
We had time to go to the Monticello Wine festival with Kristen and Gyeong. The weather was sooo perfect!!! Great wine...good friends..
Couldn't ask for more!
Gyeong strikes a pose and Jason gives the man some props..I see drunk people...I see people who didn't get the memo that cowboy boots don't go with sundresses (people watching is 75% of the fun at these events)We got home and couldn't stand not being outside for the rest of the evening...the kids got to run around and have some fun when we got home. Cali humored Smokey and played with him in the yard ..he has a HUGE crush on Cali (excuse the new Canon Rebel XTi with upgraded lens is on a UPS truck as we speak!!!!)Smokey is giddy...'she touched me...wooohoooo"
We grilled out again..and I couldn't stand not taking this photo. Remember what they got LAST time we grilled can't blame this look. But damn..she has pitiful down pat!!! was started raining. And it hasn't stopped. We are on 48 hours of straight rain..with 48 hours more forecasted. Really puts a downer on the house..We got 2 new boarders..Paris and Rome. Since it hasn't stopped raining an instant since they ops are hard to come by (Rome is the bottom right hound in the photo above). But this is Rome..And Paris..who likes to lay in the dining room so we have moved a bed in to her spot so she is more comfortable. They are both might stop raining before they leave. Rome will enjoy that..he has a lot of energy.
Rain, Rain go away..come again some other day!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

car show and the Park kids

We had some events this weekend! yeah for warmer weather!! To celebrate the warme weather we took all the kids to Lewis Ginter Botanical GArdens to see the tulips in bloom! Now can you believe..this photo was taken by my CELL phone??? I am getting ready to upgrade cameras to an SLR (someone's gotta compete with gyeong's blog photos!! ;-) ) but was amazed what a cell phone can do these days!
Then we went to an American Cancer society car show last Saturday. It ended up raining so we all left but we did get to see some cool cars first (GPA was there with a booth..I just for some reason decided to only photograph the cars..for dog photos see Harvey and Jackson's blog!)

Then the Park kids visited for the weekend. Even though having them doubles my pack..i don't really notice. They are pretty at home they blend in... are seeing correctly..Stanley is actually doing this..
And now we are watching Smokey for Lin..he is so cute and sweet. We grilled T-bone steaks the other night..which means..
What is it, Smokey?

What could you possibly all be lined up for so tentatively?
They sure are being polite for something.. guessed it. Bone licking time!Don't worry..they all got morsels and even got to lick the bone a little. Rotten...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

5 minutes 'til Wapner

Last weekend, we actually only had our 4 we used that as an opportunity to steam clean the downstairs (it is an annual event). Well..Dana HATES change. As you can see..we rearranged her world. She tolerated the beds and furniture being out of whack for about 5 minutes before pulling a "Rainman" moment. Pacing around the house, crying, just throwing a very large fit. It was very sad. We steamcleaned her 'bed's spot' first so it would dry quickly...then put it back as quickly as possible to get everything back in all is better in Dana's world.
But alas..we only had our 4 for a few days. We got another haul on Thursday of 6 new hounds. They were all so cute as usual. I brought home two just for the night..
Alkay's Halflife a VERY small (52lbs) ultra sweet little girl. She reminded me a lot of another beautiful black girl with ears that stand straight up

I did her adoption on Friday night ..she is doing very well in her new forever home.
Knockout Rose just stayed with me overnight until Lin could pick her up to foster. She was very pretty and sweet as well. She will find a forever home soon.

I am taking a bit of a break from fostering ..with vacation coming up (Jamaica in 4 weeks!!) and my kids needed a bit of a break. But Hemi and Bella came to visit for the week on Thursday as well so we had 8 dogs for one night. Jason was up late putting a computer together for a friend..e snuck upstairs to take a night time can actually see everyone but Shiloh if you look hard enough. I am the lump under the covers in the bed. ;-) It was a rainy weekend so they all just crashed all day. Six greyhounds..enjoying a lazy day (cali is on the couch..surprise!) And I will leave you with a musical interlude courtesy of Hemi, Bella, Dana and Cali..we call it 'Response to a Firetruck"