Thursday, February 26, 2015

More snow...

It is currently snowing..again.  So I will likely have even more photos of the dogs frolicking in the snow.  The downside is that today is my birthday and I would like to do the fun things I had planned. 
But here are some MORE photos from the snow LAST week...The sun came out in the afternoon and I think I have finally gotten the hang of my new camera. 
 Cali finally got the 'toy of choice'
 And then she laid down and had a snack
 This is one of my favorite photos.  She is so beautiful
Double play bow
 Roxi is currently in the yard doing just this by herself. She believes snow is nature's best toy.
 She definitely has the coat for it
 I'm ready for spring.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snow days

Yeah..the last post the weather was forward a few weeks and we have snow. 
Roxi thinks it is actually seems like they all like it (except Dana..she hates everything about it)

  The photos speak for themselves.  I have more..Still working through them. Haha..stay warm!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Running with the big dogs

 We watched our friend's Great Dane, Maverick, and greyhound, Boomer, again last week.  They are moving to Florida in a few weeks, so this is likely the last time we watch them.  It is definitely interesting to have such a big dog in the house.
He was a little  better at keeping up with the pack this time.
 Cody has started to get a little too rough with Roxi, so he has to wear his muzzle now when they play. But it doesn't stop him!
 We had a nice warm weekend so we enjoyed the outdoor time. (supposed to snow this week!)
 Boomer was not interested in playing but he was always sitting right beside me..
 Handsome Maverick
 Stay warm!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lucky 13

We celebrated Cali's 13 month ampuversary this weekend.  It really is amazing when you think about it.  She did have a small tumor removed from her hind leg 2 weeks ago..but luckily it was benign.  The sutures popped and it has been an ordeal to get it heal..but I will spare you those photos.
The weather has been beautiful this weekend.
Cali is beautiful..
 Scars just make her more beautiful!
 This is my favorite from our 'photo shoot'
 Roxi photobombs the shoot..
 Which just incites Cali to play..probably was the end goal in Roxi's mind anyway.
 I played a bit with my favorite photo for a Sepia version
Next month..if all continues as well..we celebrate her 14 month ampuversary and her 12th birthday.