Sunday, December 16, 2007

Brindles, balls and santa hats!

I still have Brady..he is such a sweet boy. Hopefully we can find his forever home after the holidays.
But he got his manberries removed last week...I would like to tell all men to use caution before looking at the following picture. He obviously had a bleeder...poor guy. Many a man has crumbled while looking at his hindend. And Katy said we should post our dog's this kills two 'birds' with one stone....

He is doing better now so no worries..but we did feel sorry for him for a while! I am also watching Chilly..his parents are in Florida..the weather is better I am sure! He seems pretty comfortable here..don't you think?

Then on Thursday I went and picked up HFK Dusk (aka Cassie) who was returned..she didn't get along with her new brother very well. So I had her for the day until her foster parents could come get her.

Before the rain hit, everyone had a good time running around in the yard. (You won't see Brady...he is a these days)Cassie looks evil in this one!On Saturday we went to Stony Point Fashion Park for the Meet and Greet. It is fun to walk around the mall with the hounds..we had a great turn out but the weather sucked!!! But I dressed them up in the Christmas finest..Dana looks happy as usual...Cali had a hat on too..but it was too cold to stop and get a picture of myself with you will just have to trust she was as cute as Dana in it! I think Brady was jealous without a hat..Now...the weather changed recently. It was 70 degrees last week and now it is 30! I had turned the heat off last week and thought I had turned it on once it got cold. But this morning, I realized even I was freezing. So I went and checked the thermostat..oops. Forgot to turn the heat ws 60 degrees in the house. Explained why Dante was trying to get IN to the space heater last night ( is on and his fur is HOT)We wrapped Christmas presents last night. I can't have a real tree..too many dogs. But I have managed to put up my little one. It doesn't take up much room and people enjoy making fun of it. ;-) I thought Hemingway and Dana were cute laying next to it last night..And we had segregation...the brindles on one side of the house, the black ones on the couch and the 'others' under the tree...Would you call that Fur-ism? ;-) I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. I will be going out of town with all the kids later this week..and will return loaded with presents and exhausted before New Year's.

Until then HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Home for the holidays!

We did another haul this weekend! Hopefully Amanda will post some more actual haul pictures..I was too busy to take many pictures this time! But we brought up 5 dogs so they could spend the holidays with their forever home. Two were adopted from Crittertown and I took the remaining 3 home. Cruiser was with me for a bit until his foster mom could pick him up. He will be adopted in a week. Here he is getting a bath And walking around my backyard..I didn't have enough time to get quality pictures! But I kept RJ's Greatful (aka Grace) a 4 year old little bitty girl. Her tongue hangs out the side of her mouth a lot.....not sure what that is all about And who says greyhounds don't sit...
She will most likely be adopted by the end of the week as well. And I brought home Eric Whistler (aka brady) who is 2 1/2 ...and a typical boy.He still has his manberries..he will get those removed on Thursday. He is amazed by the was really cute and funny until he jumped up and bit the glass. All fun and games until the 30 gallon fish tank hits the ground.And what would my blog be without Cali? There is one thing she is good at...relaxing. And she rarely gets out of the new chair. I call this Dante's heaven...on a big cushy chair, on a fluffy pillow, chewing a bone all by himselfI also have Lulu...but as stated before she becomes a quivering mass when the camera is pulled out...freaky.
And tomorrow (Dec 3rd) is Dana's 2 year Gotcha day! It is hard to believe we have had her for two years. She is our Dana roo roo...quirky but very sweet. And she has come a long way since we carried her to our car b/c she wouldn't walk on a leash. She still finds her 'happy place' sometimes..but we love her very much!
It has gotten cold, gifts are piling up in the office, the FedEx/UPS guy stops here everyday, parties are being scheduled...
"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well..the holiday season is upon us..I hope everyone (in the states at least) had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. And now we get to gear up for the shopping ( I stick to cyber shopping) and holiday treats. ;-)
Jason and I took the kids to my parents' house in Franklin County, VA (southwest VA). They live on a farm so this was Cali's first introduction to horses, deer, Gam-Gam's cooking and family gatherings. sister (who is 6 months preggers), my mom and I after Thanksgiving dinner with the extended family. Can't tell we are related, can you? ;-)
Ok..the family stuff is out of the way..on to animals!!! ;-)
My mom cares for my sisters retired racing Thoroughbred horse, Mac as well as her two miniature horses, Rocky and Sugar, she rescued from Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue. RVHR helped us a lot during my horse's last few months a few years ago..and during that process mom acquired these two cuties.
They make a very cute herd..don't you think?
Cali seemed to enjoy the minis..she wasn't sure what to think of them at first but she has a lot more confidence than she wasn't petrified of them.
"Rocky...are you a fuzzy dog?"
The mini's have a small paddock that is fenced well (they are escape artists) that made a great off leash area for the hounds. We of course turned off the electicity on the fence..that would have been bad.
"Sugar..can't you come play with me?"
"Now I don't know what to do with you..."Five minutes earlier..
"Don't let that monster in here!" But Dana..look how cute she is....
Rocky says he doesn't care for other four leggers disturbing his nap timeWe used this time to practice Cali's recall (she has to know "Come" to be a therapy dog)
"You called, Mom?"My sister came over and groomed on Mac..he loves peppermints!Oh..and while we were playing with the horses..Jason was inside with my dad carving up my dad's deer from this season. He passed the knife to Jason...made me tear up a bit. Then Jason did this...Before we came back to Richmond, we went to Tomahawk Mills Winery which is really close to my parents' house..we just never knew it! You know you are in the back country when you have to ring a this bell for service..

It was an old mill so it was very picturesque
We had a great Thanksgiving and didn't get caught in too much traffic. Everyone is recovering from their trip to the farm. They haven't really opened their eyes in the last 24 hours!
Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The turnstile is installed

Last weekend..we broke our own record of dogs under our roof overnight..nine. After the past few weeks of lots of dogs, I definitely realize we can't have more than 4 of our own! We had Jag until Friday..when he got adopted to his hopeful forever home. He was a really good boy.
He always had ETS
Lindley visited for a few days while her parents had some R&R in Atlantic City. She is very pretty and easy! We also had Hemingway..the goofy boy. He is a lot of fun but has a lot of energy! He seemed to always have to share his bed..even though there were plenty to go around.
Blue and Ana went home today..their parents had a wonderful honeymoon in Europe but missed them very much!!!
Blue says he misses his Mommy!
BUT..he loves the fenced yard...and the pink octopus!
I couldn't help but take this shot..9 dogs eating at the same time (while Jason cooks!) can't see Dante but he is behind Lindley!But of course with this many kids in one is impossible to keep everyone happy. Cali must have called Ana a momma's girl and then Ana said Cali's daddy was a dork...and it was on! But they are they got tired immediately with only a small scuffle..BUT the outcome was that Cali got her butt kicked...literally.
And you thought Jason and Cali were sick should see how he is when she is 'injured'!

So we decided to add to our living room furniture because we needed more couch space for the dogs! So we bought a reclining chaise. It is soft and fluffy..and the dogs love it! It did not come with a spoiled rotten greyhound but we have one that likes it a lot!
"I love the new chair" ...I was laughing uncontrollably..she was sound asleep!
But we can fit all sorts of dogs on the new chair..

Then on Saturday night, we had some folks over for dinner and fun. Of course lots of greyhound (and one whippet) were invited as well!
Diego shows off his pjs..the butt was cute!Diego and Hemi lounge together
Ana gets a homemade pork rind from Nerice..the dogs really loved those!

Gil gets everyone started by handing out more pork rinds. Dolly, Ally, Cali, Ana and Dana patiently wait for more!

We got the game Guitar Hero 3..which is a lot of fun...and addictive. it was a hit at the party. Nerice had past experience with the whole she was really good. The rest of use started a bit behind the eight ball. Diego got around...and obviously had too much wine!

Everyone has gone home we are back to just our kids. First time in a few months I think! Thanksgiving is Thursday..we are going to my parents' house this year. So we will be packing up the wagon and heading south on Wednesday. Let Cali experience her first 'farm experience'..she probably won't be deathly afraid of the mini horses like Dana is!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
p.s. Happy Birthday, Gyeong!