Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cali's Log

Cali's Log
Day 32/5

Mommy left.  It has been 5 days since she left and 32 since Daddy left.  I am sad.  Nerice is here and she is super nice and give me hugs and love and breakfast and dinner. So I am well taken care of....  But I don't know if they are ever coming back.
I asked Nerice to send them this picture..
Please come home!!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cali's Log

Cali's Log
Day 27

It has now been 27 nights since Daddy left.  And things are getting weird.  Mommy took Shane and Shiloh away..I thought the bag she packed was for all of us. But she just took them.  I cried and screamed.."you forgot me!".  But she left.  Then she returned and smelled like Auntie Kristen.  So I know they are safe.  But what about me?  Now..and this is the worst part..she is packing a big 'go on a long trip' bag and hasn't touched MY bag once.  It is still hanging in the closet, right next to the open bag of dog food.  Every time she opens that closet, I think she will touch one of those things. But no. I'm beginning to worry she is leaving too.  Who will feed me my breakfast??
I'm trying to stall her by laying on her and asking to play..I even tried pouting.  I'm the best pouter and it usually works.
But she keeps packing. I wonder if one of those air monsters that flies over the house growling took Daddy..Mommy always runs out and waves and takes photos.  Scary.  Are there people in that basket hanging from the air monster?  I bark to warn them.  Maybe I didn't warn Daddy enough.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cali's Log

Cali's Log
Day 20 

It has been 20 nights since Daddy left.  I've been keeping track.  20 nights with no laps..Mommy's lap just isn't the same..she doesn't do it right (don't tell her, I don't want to hurt her feelings).  I'm beginning to wonder if he will ever come home.  I'm keeping his spot warm for him at night.  Sometimes, I hear him!  And I run in to his room (you know..the one with hard floors where he stares at a flat box all day)..but he isn't in there.  One day I roo'd and roo'd hoping he'd come out of hiding.  Mommy just walked around with her little flat box talking to it and I could HEAR him talking back....where IS HE???  Here is a selfie of me with the green monkey dragon (he didn't want to cooperate so I beat him in to submission) in case he reads this and forgets what I look like..
On the plus side, I do have mommy.  She will do in a pinch.  And i'm getting my meals every day..so she is doing her job pretty well.  But I am glad she is here..not sure what I would do if they both left for this long.  Wait...what is she doing?  Is that the 'go on a long ride' bag?  WOOHOO..we are going to see Daddy!!!!  I gotta go pack my pink poodle.  He probably misses her too! Which martingale should I wear?  Do I need my coat?  Oh..I gotta go help her pack! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Birthdays and Birds

Jason left almost 2 weeks ago and things have been going well.  He is enjoying Chester, UK and seems to have settled in with the time change.  He said the town is touristy, but that means I will have plenty to occupy my time while I'm there.  2 1/2 weeks until I go! Woot!  We will be in London the first weekend and then Chester for the week and then Scotland the last weekend.  So far, Cali is holding up.  She is quite enjoying her 2/3rds of a King bed every night at this point!
But this month we will celebrate 2 birthdays.  My Shiloh and heart dog turned 16 on August 1st.  16..wow.  She is deaf, partially blind, very wobbly and frail..but she still likes to run around like crazy and get love.  So I think she's pretty happy!
 Dante will turn 15 on August 13th.  He has recovered from his dental work even though he now has a permanent fistula between his nose and mouth..extra breathing hole?  He seems Ok with it.  He is a mess and as we say in the horse world  a "hard keeper" but he is Dante.
We will also pause to remember Henry on August 16th..he was a good boy.
I've been stalking my hummingbirds, but haven't really been able to get a good shot lately.  I will keep trying
While taking these photos, I happened to see a shadow and noticed this...
Does he eat hummingbirds?  Maybe Dachshunds?
And I made a purchase that only dog people will understand...I don't have a baby nor do I have any plans to have one..so why oh why did this arrive for me today?
Shane has always worn a belly band with a Poise pad at night.  But rarely did he use it..but often enough that he wore it nightly and if we were ever gone for very long.  I am not longer embarrassed by buying the largest package of maximum absorbency Poise pads in the grocery...but when this arrived..I hurried it off the porch and covered the box in the garage.  But you see..now Shane has taken to peeing EVERY night..which means 7 wet/nasty Poise pads in my trash every week.  it is just me..I recycle..trash goes out once a week if that.  That is smelly!!! SOOO I am hoping that this little contraption works.  I just got it..I will let you know.  If it means I can throw a paper towel away without gagging, it was worth every penny!  Not something you see too often in a house with no babies..but I will let you know how it works in case any of you have this issue in the future.