Sunday, November 18, 2012

November fun

Shane went to the vet for a general work up last week. His blood work looked perfect and his urinalysis seemed unremarkable.  We are going to work on his diet, exercise, schedule to see if that will improve his bladder function.  If not, we will get an Xray in a few weeks to see if there is something in his spine or bladder.  So for now, we are just enjoying the fall weather.
 When Sandy came through, we moved all of our deck furniture under the deck to prevent flying objects.  The dogs enjoyed the post storm weather in the sunshine.
Shane went to his first event this past weekend.  He did pretty well and was very friendly.  But after a little bit, his body gave out and he completely passed out.
 Jason wasn't there so Cali conned   convinced someone else to snuggle with her.
then we came home and Bob's greyhounds Doc and Dinah enjoyed a fun romp in the yard.I'm still getting used to my new I'm not 100% happy with these..but I'll get it together one day.
 This is how Doc gets by the speed can't see my face!!
 And look who joins in again!  Even after an event, he still had some energy!
 he runs like a rocking horse...but I'd say this photo shows he is happy.
 Jason threw a ball for them a few times.  And oh yeah..he shaved his head. I don't know why but there you go..
 Then for some quiet indoor times..
 Shiloh gives me the stink eye
And now the Park kids are 'homeless' for a few days while their old house is being packed up and their new house is being prepared for their arrival. So they are lounging at my house. Literally.  And yes..even Kevin came along.  For those of you who don't follow Gyeong's can probably figure out who Kevin is...

 Have a great Thanksgiving!!! We are  heading to Charlotte and Shane will stay with Aunt Kristen and Uncle Gyeong.  The other 4 will go with us, Shane just isn't ready to go visiting to non-dog people's homes.  We would like to get his bladder under control first...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A little spring in our step

 As I sit in my hotel room in Minneapolis watching the election results roll in, I have enjoyed going through a few photos I took before I left.  Definitely of the happier variety.
Shane is doing pretty well. Still very weak in his hind end and still has bladder issues. But we have an appointment once I get back to get everything check out.  And the one 'shocking photo' shows just how much weight he needs to gain.  Beau is behind me and in the same position, we are working very hard on getting his weight up.
 We watched Beau, Belle and Smokey for a bit. They all enjoyed playing in the back yard and enjoying the cooler weather.
 I have been playing with my new lens as well.  (Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 EX)
 Cali even joins in to the fun. Even though I would like to think this is how she will play...
 Inevitably, it ends up like this instead...b/c she is the fun police and wants everyone to cower in her presence.

 So we let the diva run by herself
 Of course, even when the good kids play..accidents happen. This is a combination of errors. I turned around in time to realize I was about to get pummeled.  Belle zigged, Smokey zagged, and I dove out of the way snapping at the same time.  SMASH!  (no greyhounds, people or cameras were harmed in the making of this photo)
 Although to my surprise, look who joined in to the action!!!
 Weak butt and all, he had the biggest smile!
 And I was even able to get a shot of Shiloh. She is the oldest and battiest of the pack but she is still my heart dog.
 And I had to laugh the other day, I was on the phone and I looked over to see Cali 'on the computer'.  Her ears were up and she was staring right at the laptop screen.  My screensaver was on, but it definitely looked like she could be surfing the web...or writing her dissertation.

Friday, November 2, 2012

And then there were 5...again

I know..I need 5 like a hole in the head.  BUT this one needed us.
Meet Shane (Shannon Ace)
 He is 13 1/2 years old and was returned this week.  I don't anticipate him going anywhere.  He has previously lived a sub-par and unacceptable (IMO) life.  He has been kept outside or in a garage full time.  He has spent 13+ hours in a crate (in the garage) for many years and then spent the night in that same crate in the garage.  He came to us covered in fleas, filth and his own waste.  I do believe his owner felt she was doing all she could, but I do wish she would have contacted us earlier. 

So now he is in our pack.  He is flea free, clean, warm and has a full belly. 
He has his issues..years of living outdoors/in a garage setting made him incapable of 'holding it' so we are working on that.  I think he will get it soon enough. And he has no house manners..but since his 13 1/2 he can't really walk/jump so the counters are always on his mind but an unattainable feat.  He needs to gain about 10 pounds, but he eats like a horse so that should only be a momentary problem now that he is getting healthy food and supplements.
 I think he was pet on and given attention.  He loves it and seeks it constantly.  We are realistic and realize we wont' have him long, but we will make sure the next few weeks/months will be his best. He goes in next week for bloodwork, urinalysis, vaccines, heartworm check.  I know we didn't need a 5th nor another senior after our year.  But few have the situation we do who can take him without much worry.  His personalized embroidered collar is in the mail and I think Henry would be happy to hear his martingales/coats are going to be used for such a worthy individual.

I leave for Minneapolis on Sunday..and Jason leaves to visit his family for a few days. So Nerice and Scott will care for them while we are gone.  So timing wasn't great, but I am soooo glad he is with us now.