Saturday, June 28, 2014

Just dogs

Lots of summer visitors lately. 

 And our first foster in quite some time.  Flash was returned (no fault of his own) and we are fostering him for a bit.  He goes on a home visit with me next week, so fingers crossed he finds his forever home!
Roxi has enjoyed playing with him though.
 Roxi  has been doing really well.  She is such a good girl and we barely notice the chewed up remote control...
 Cali seems to be taking it all in her own special way.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

All dressed up

It happens rarely...VERY rarely. But I do get dressed up to go places.  A friend of mine asked me to be her +1 at a wedding in Georgetown recently.  it was quite the affair!!!  Formal reception, boat cruise down the Potomac!  How could I say no?
We set out on the Oddessy   III for a 2 hour Potomac River tour. 
It was a neat way to see all of the monuments in Washington, DC
My +1
 Then we had a formal reception at a swanky loft space in downtown Georgetown that was formal.  Not sure I've ever been to a formal reception before but we got 'doodled' and headed out.
 Multiple open bars, wonderful passed canapes and a terrific band.  It was quite a bit of fun but definitely something out of my normal element
It was a lovely evening with a loving couple. 
 But I'll pick my pjs on the couch with the dogs any day. ;-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sisterly love

Roxi was getting good at entertaining herself. She'd grab a toy and run and run and run..
 She'd take a break in the sunshine
 And take off again. 
 But to our day while running a shock!
Big sister came to play
 Roxi loves to be chased. Which is difficult for a greyhound since they are much faster than her.  But Cali did well and 'jogged' behind her.
 The tripod isn't as stable as she once we had a few tumbles.  But she would pick herself up and keep going!
 Eventually, she got tired of jogging and took the lead.
 Which I think made Roxi happy too!
 And a few days later..they were playing inside too. 
 Cali was dragging Roxi around..three legs and all.
 So glad they are happy and seem to enjoy playing. Cali's LAST chemo is this week.  So excited!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Richmond Porsche meet

 Every year, we've gone to the PCA Richmond Porsche Meet.  Jason has never entered the actual car show before but he decided to try it this time. 
He preps his car...yes he is lint rolling the roof.  
 The judges review his car inside and out
 The competition was stiff and he was up against brand new 911s...which isn't something the 9 year old car can handle..He came in 6th (there were more than 6 but I honestly don't remember how many).  But it was neat to see all the cars
Old and new
And it is always held at a really nice house right on the river. So the view is pretty insane.
After lunch, we take a ride with 35 other Porsches down country roads to a Golf Club for snacks and drinks.
Pretty neat day!!!