Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Puppy Power

We are watching Petey again..and his puppy energy and youthful antics has brought a little life in to the tired old pack.
CutenessPlease don't eat me, lady...He is as big as Cali's head...Henry is forever the epitome of perfect baby sitter and lopes around the yard letting the young whipper-snapper think he is fast..but alas..he gets farther and farther behind...Then everyone joins in and I have to become referee again..everyone is good with him but occasionally Dana needs a reminder.The Discover Wine Festival was this past weekend. it is one of our favorite wine festivals and this year we took dogs. We figured it would be an ideal 'tire the puppy' event, so Petey and Cali tagged along. On the way there, we stopped for gas and this trailer pulled up beside us...Look closely..those are Tiger teeth..a male Lion was in the back compartment. Scary and smelly!!!
But we made it to the festival and find a spot to sit and have some lunch. yes, are in the photo tooStella watches as her Daddy walks off to take some scenic photos
Please sir..can I have some more?Gyeong gets attackedEveryone finally settles back to enjoy the view and vino.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A little fun

Update on the pack. Dana seems back to her old self 100%. She is eating again, no swelling and she is doing great.
Dante has a Candida (yeast) infection in his intestines. we are trying to treat that but there has to be an underlying cause for why the yeast overgrew. So we are running a bunch of tests to see if it is related to his Cushings or something new. Sleep is fitful and he has spent quite a few days at the vet, but he seems to be in good spirits.
The weather was great today so I went out with the camera to play with the dogs. These three watched from the sidelines.However, i encouraged them to stay on their feet. I snapped this shot of Shiloh laying in the sunshine and then looked up..I poked her and it flew away.
We had Jax and Chloe last weekend, and the last day they were here i got this shot (Jax has problems with marking which is why he is wearing a belly band)today I rousted everyone from the couchAnd out we go. Cali gets her toy thrown for herthen Henry tries to join in

Then Henry started doing his own thing which lead to a few 'close' calls between the game of fetch and the zoomie session
I got a few great shots of Henry.

Some great festivals are coming up and Italy in 4 weeks! Will update with Dante's progress.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dana and Dante

It has been a long week. Dana was in a lot of pain for quite a few days and didn't eat. I completely forgot about photographing her leg until mid-week. You can see some swelling in her right front leg compared to the left one in this photo..but this was 3 days after going to the emergency vet and getting antibiotics.Then we had the issue of her not eating. She has always been a picky dog who sometimes would go a meal or three without eating. But she at her last good meal on Thursday. By Monday we were trying everything. She would eat a little baby food but nothing else. We tried canned food, baby hot dogs, chicken broth, etc. Then Jason spent the day making a turkey burger/rice concoction. finally!! She liked it so much she ate two bowls that night and even stood up for the second one! (which is where you get another good look at her leg..that far leg is not is just swollen)She started to act more like herself every day. We are still having trouble getting her to eat, but I can usually get her to eat one small meal each day. So I think she has stopped losing weight. Once she is off all meds, she may pick back up. so what was it? Don't know. We are going to take her back in for more biopsies at some point..but for now the pain is controlled and she seems much better...AND we have bigger fish to fry.Dante's Cushing's Disease seems to be worsening. Something is causing massive GI distress. so we can't do the cortisol level test until we get him to stop having 'serious issues' every 4 hours. He is on prescription diet and meds, but isnt' making a dent. so he is going back to the vet tomorrow for more tests.
Once we get him feeling better, we will move back to Dana. maybe it was a weird infection of sorts..I don't know. I am just glad she is better. I will update about Dante when we know something. Old dogs.
But this next part of the blog, I like to call "crawling around on the floor annoying the dogs".
but without fail..doing this leads to a few of these on my camera. Someone has been extremely jealous of all the attention being paid to DanaShiloh scratches her back..
And Cali shows hers again..She just had to get to that bone at that moment...Eventually interest was lost and someone else took the bone. Napoleon complex?Everyone hates steam cleaning day..
So we play outside a bit. We are watching Chloe and Jax. Chloe is very pretty.Dana laughs in her general direction (notice the leg is back to normal..her elbow is still a little swollen but not much)And the handsome HenryThe beds were restored after the floor dried. now we set our sights to getting our pack healthy again..