Sunday, March 4, 2007


We don't have any fosters and the weekend has been pretty I decided to make a blog entry all about my dogs and how cute they are! Enjoy the pics!

Shiloh resting after a run
Shiloh and Dana enjoying some sunshine

Dana strikes her pose!

Dana likes to hide behind the storage shed and bolt out...
I wish the lighting had been better...what an image of the stride!
And of course the 2nd stage of running that makes greyhounds so amazing...
Then we introduce a stuffed dog ..
And now we start the Dante hour... ;-)
"Throw the ball..throw the ball...don't you understand me...throwing the stupid ball!!!!""She threw the ball..woooooohooooooo!"

And the finale..Dante is a 'under the blanket' dog. Which is funny when something happens that leads to him shuffling out of the blanket to look around. If it is worth getting up from his cocoon, he will..but he usually sits like this and then goes back under the blanket.

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IHateToast said...

i'm an under-the-blanket sort of dog myself.

we're trying to get our yard back (from some silly previous owner's need to hyper landscape) so there can be more silliness in the back.

excellent shots!