Sunday, December 16, 2007

Brindles, balls and santa hats!

I still have Brady..he is such a sweet boy. Hopefully we can find his forever home after the holidays.
But he got his manberries removed last week...I would like to tell all men to use caution before looking at the following picture. He obviously had a bleeder...poor guy. Many a man has crumbled while looking at his hindend. And Katy said we should post our dog's this kills two 'birds' with one stone....

He is doing better now so no worries..but we did feel sorry for him for a while! I am also watching Chilly..his parents are in Florida..the weather is better I am sure! He seems pretty comfortable here..don't you think?

Then on Thursday I went and picked up HFK Dusk (aka Cassie) who was returned..she didn't get along with her new brother very well. So I had her for the day until her foster parents could come get her.

Before the rain hit, everyone had a good time running around in the yard. (You won't see Brady...he is a these days)Cassie looks evil in this one!On Saturday we went to Stony Point Fashion Park for the Meet and Greet. It is fun to walk around the mall with the hounds..we had a great turn out but the weather sucked!!! But I dressed them up in the Christmas finest..Dana looks happy as usual...Cali had a hat on too..but it was too cold to stop and get a picture of myself with you will just have to trust she was as cute as Dana in it! I think Brady was jealous without a hat..Now...the weather changed recently. It was 70 degrees last week and now it is 30! I had turned the heat off last week and thought I had turned it on once it got cold. But this morning, I realized even I was freezing. So I went and checked the thermostat..oops. Forgot to turn the heat ws 60 degrees in the house. Explained why Dante was trying to get IN to the space heater last night ( is on and his fur is HOT)We wrapped Christmas presents last night. I can't have a real tree..too many dogs. But I have managed to put up my little one. It doesn't take up much room and people enjoy making fun of it. ;-) I thought Hemingway and Dana were cute laying next to it last night..And we had segregation...the brindles on one side of the house, the black ones on the couch and the 'others' under the tree...Would you call that Fur-ism? ;-) I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. I will be going out of town with all the kids later this week..and will return loaded with presents and exhausted before New Year's.

Until then HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


IHateToast said...

holy crud!
are you sure they took them out? didn't hide a third one in there? man. that sack is huuuuge.

happy holidays and teste christmas.

Michelle & Mitch said... wonder you felt sorry for him! Looks very painful! Glad he is getting better. =) Have a Merry Christmas!

Harvey & Jackson said...

Poor Brady! He looked great on Saturday... you must taking good care of him. Hope he finds his forever home soon, he's such a sweetie!!

Oh, and I'll email you next time we go to the river. We usually go every weekend. We park at Pony Pasture and either walk along the trails (great fun for the hounds), or walk along Riverside Dr.

Hugs to the hounds!

gyeong said...

We've luckily only had one foster dog that was 'swollen'. Eek! Best part of Christmas is dressing up the kids. Not sure what they think about it.

Hope this posts ok. Dang page loaded in Portugese.

Bethanie & Chris said...

Hey Trina, We added your blog to our link list - is that okay with you? Is Brady doing better?

Michelle & Mitch said...

ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ooooooouch!!!
Yowza, that looks painful. Merry Christmas guys. Wish we could enjoy the wine tasting this year. Mitch

Anonymous said...

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